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Now that the game has been out for a while, you’ve probably begun to notice some of the sabers are becoming more and more powerful. Or maybe you’re just trying to figure out what your friend might pull in their next raid! Either way, I’m here with my take on the best Fate/Grand Order 4-star sabers in order from worst rating to best rating.

The “fgo servant tier list jp” is a ranked list of the best 4-star sabers in Fate/Grand Order. The ranking was made by using the FGO Wiki’s Tier List.

Sabers are almost inextricably linked to the Fate series.

Saber Servants has been our gateway to Artoria from the beginning.

Sabers, unlike Casters and Assassins, do not specialize in a certain area. They’re “basic” in the sense that new players will often use this class to become acquainted with the game.

That’s not to argue Sabers aren’t useful.

Many Sabers have deceptively basic talents that are difficult to master.

This list should also aid anybody looking for the strongest 4-star Saber Servants in FGO.


Artoria Pendragon Alter is a character in the game Artoria Pendragon Alter.

Saber Alter is a wonderful place to start if you’re new to the FGO world.

If you manage to take up Saber Alter (and are sick of rerolling for Heracles) after clearing the first Singularity Fuyuki, she makes for a terrific beat stick in early material.

Her abilities are straightforward, allowing inexperienced players to grasp the fundamentals of FGO gaming without having to read a five-page thesis on what each ability accomplishes.

The first talent is a damage bonus for Buster. Nice.

Gain crucial stars is the second talent. Cool.

Buff attack is the third skill. Great.

NP: The AOE Buster nuke is excellent for taking out early waves.

Where do I put my signature?

Overall, Saber Alter is an excellent temporary Servant until you can put together a proper farming team.

Her Shinjuku skin is also really stunning, as is her involvement in the narrative!


4. Yagyu Munenori (Yagyu beef)

Yagyu Munenori in Fate/Grand Order screenshot

Even before Castoria joined the NA metagame, Yagyu was your go-to Arts looping NP spammer!

He’s an Arts Saber who can repay his NP like nobody’s business if he has adequate backup.

His initial ability boosts the efficacy of his Arts cards by absorbing critical stars. This implies that you may quickly return a large amount of charge after shooting an NP with only one or two face cards.

This impact is amplified by his third talent, which enhances his own NP production for a single round.

Don’t rule out the possibility that this elderly man’s greatest days are yet ahead of him.

He may yet be able to teach you whippersnappers anything about looping!


Suzuka Gozen is number three on the list.

Suzuka Gozen in Fate/Grand Order screenshot

Suzuka is a Buster-centric damage-dealing Saber with a unique specialization.

Her equipment is mostly geared on earning crit stars and shooting off an NP whenever she has the opportunity.

With a strong AOE Buster NP like Suzuka’s, you’ll want to achieve that 100 percent charge as frequently as possible!

Suzuka also has a masculine charm on her skill two, which gives her some unique versatility in certain scenarios.


Katsushika Hokusai is the second artist on the list.

Katsushika Hokusai in Fate/Grand Order screenshot

Despite the fact that Hokusai Saber is a welfare servant, she is one of the most powerful four-star Sabers on the planet.

Hokusai is a monster of the arts.

She’s also capable of not only producing but also absorbing vital stars.

Plus, we haven’t even discussed her NP, which you’ll get at NP5 if you complete the full event.

Only a few foes can resist a bold chain from this master painter, which provides huge single-target damage.


Lancelot is number one.

Lancelot in Fate/Grand Order screenshot

Do you like receiving crits?

Do you like Berserker Lancelot’s screams but are frightened of growing deaf from them?

If that’s the case, Saberlot is the Servant for you!

Saberlot’s abilities center on the creation and absorption of critical stars in order to deliver obscene levels of damage.

His initial ability is a twenty-star bomb that charges his NP as well.

His second talent enhances his star absorption, while his third skill boosts his critical damage by producing crit stars every turn.

It goes without saying that critting anything with one of Saberlot’s completely piled face cards will result in death!

The “5 star tier list fgo” is a ranked list of the best 4-star sabers in Fate/Grand Order. The ranking is based on overall performance and popularity among players.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best 4 star servant Fgo?

A: The best 4 star servant is Karna.

Who is the strongest servant in Fate grand order?

A: The most powerful servant in Fate Grand Order is an NPC character called Gilgamesh.

How many 4 stars are in Fgo?

A: There are exactly 100 4 stars in the game.

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