Blue Reflection: Second Light combat guide

After launching on the Switch, this dungeon-crawler has taken over the world of JRPGs with its beautiful visual design and supremely satisfying combat. With new updates adding everything from story changes to new playable characters, there’s never been a better time for players to jump in.

The “blue reflection: second light review” is a game that was released on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. It tells the story of a high school girl who has to deal with her own personal demons. The combat in this game is very interesting, and it’s easy to get lost in the world of this game.

Combat in Blue Reflection: Second Light is one of the most difficult components of the game to grasp. Because the game disperses knowledge across a series of tutorials, most of what you learn is forgotten by the time you need it. We’ve covered all you need to know about battle in the game in this guide, so you can control your emotions and utilize them to defeat demons.

The chronology of the battle

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Every duel in Blue Reflection: Second Light follows a set of rules. This may be seen in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Characters travel from left to right until they reach the number on the timeline that corresponds to their current Gear, which is either first, second, or third. Enemies shift from left to right. The numbers on the timeline correspond to Ether, with 1 equating to 1000 ethereum, and so on. When a character’s chronology hits 1 on the timeline, you may have them assault. If a character is in second or third Gear, depending on how much Ether each attack costs, you may wait until they reach position 2 or 3 to utilize greater attacks or execute numerous attacks. The sequence of events repeats until the opponent is defeated.


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Characters will advance to the next Gear whenever they have struck an adversary enough times and gained enough skill. Characters begin each combat in first Gear. They swiftly get to second Gear, but only against more tough opponents can they reach third Gear. At this time, a character will change into their Reflector suit and unleash a barrage of devastating assaults. If you’re fighting an adversary, attempt to get at least one of your characters into third gear as quickly as feasible.

Protection in a pair

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Some foes, often bosses, have strikes that they charge up and unleash to break your combination. This will sabotage your attempts to achieve third Gear and reduce your damage, thus it’s critical to defend your combos against these strikes. Use a move with the Combo Guard effect when you observe an adversary charging an attack to guarantee that your efforts aren’t in vain.

Weaknesses and resistance are indicated automatically.

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The skills screen will show if an adversary is weak or resistant to a given assault. Keep an eye out for these marks because if an adversary is resistant to an assault, you’ll deal less damage. Similarly, using techniques that an adversary is weak against will do more damage and bring it closer to the Knockdown stage. Once it’s down, you should employ these techniques since they inflict significantly more damage.

State of devastation

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Even against bosses, the purpose of every combat is to put the adversary into the Knockdown condition. Their defenses are down, and they are unable to charge Ether, preventing them from attacking for two or three turns. They’re also significantly more susceptible to assaults in this stage, so you might chip away at a monster until they reach it, then kill them swiftly once they do. Attacks feature arrows that indicate how powerful they are. The more effect they have, the faster you’ll be able to knock down an adversary.

Don’t forget to take care of yourself.

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If a character’s health drops too low, healing is a vital aspect of the combat. Always be prepared by producing a large amount of food before entering a dungeon, but be sure to utilize it when your characters need it. To use an item, you must first access the item menu from the skills menu. Outside of particular healing techniques and equipment, this is the greatest method to heal a character and keep them in the fight.

The “blue reflection: second light switch” is a combat guide for the game Blue Reflection. This article will teach you how to beat certain bosses and how to use your skills during battle.

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