Charcoal Kilns Are Not that Bad: A Brief Analysis

Maker’s Mark Bourbon’s first distillery was established in 1783, on the banks of the Kentucky River. It was located in Nelson County, Kentucky, along the path of the St. Francis River. It is the only remaining distillery of the eight that were built in Kentucky. Marker Distillery is the oldest continuously operating distillery in the United States.

As you probably know, there are two main types of charcoal kilns used in the gaming community: the “regular” charcoal kiln and the “cheap” charcoal kiln. The difference between the two isn’t subtle, but the “cheap” kiln is easier to find and is less expensive than the regular one. The main advantage of the cheap kiln over the regular one is its size—there isn’t a single cheap charcoal kiln that can be as big as a regular one, but this is a minor problem.

Charcoal is an integral ingredient in the manufacturing of many different types of foods and beverages, as well as in producing detergents and cosmetics. Surprisingly, it is also widely used as an alternative fuel source in many parts of the world. To understand this, we need to learn about the history and operation of the charcoal kiln.

frostpunk 3 - Charcoal Kilns Are Not that Bad: A Brief Analysis

Many people believe that charcoal kilns are ineffective for coal production and should only be used as a last resort, however I believe that this is only true in certain scenarios. The goal in the beginning is to get a coal outpost up and operating as quickly as possible to help tide you over until the kilns are up and running. With a normal shift, the kilns use 70 wood and generate 210 coal each day. On paper, this seems to be a little project, but the benefit is that they only need 5 employees, and many should be constructed. The first improvement, a charcoal kiln thermostat, boosts coal output by 33%, bringing total coal production to 279 per day. With a neighboring shrine/agitator, it increases to 335 coal each day. This is enhanced with the charcoal bellows since it generates coal 33 percent quicker, bringing the total to 445.

A coal thumper needs ten employees, and two collecting posts necessitate ten workers each, for a total of 30 workers. Two kilns would generate about the same quantity as the thumper with fewer employees, since kilns only need 5 workers. You can simply spam these since they only need a few employees, and 6 fully upgraded kilns near shrines/agitators will generate 2,670 coal each day on a normal shift, which is a good amount of coal.

The cost of the kilns is a disadvantage. They use a lot of wood and need a large amount of wood output to keep them running. This is worsened by the bellows improvement, which leads the kilns to use 33% more wood, resulting in a daily consumption of 93 wood. Even when completely updated, sawmills do not generate enough wood to support a charcoal-based civilization. A completely updated steam sawmill with a nearby shrine/agitator would generate 191 wood every normal work day, just enough to operate two fully upgraded kilns. Wall drills, which create a foundation of 160 wood every normal work day, are the finest option.

With a neighboring shrine/agitator, that number rises to 192, and with two drills, it rises to 384, enough for four kilns with the thermostat improvement. If you use shrines/agitators to extend the wall drilling (which I suggest), you’ll have 537 wood and can handle 6/7 kilns with the thermostat update. However, wall drills are costly since they need steam cores, which may be a limiting issue depending on the kind of structure you wish to construct. I would wait to look at the bellows improvement until you have at least one steam wall drill up and going, since the extra wood consumption may be significant if you have a lot of kilns and still want a big wood surplus for constructing stuff. For the same reason, unless you have two steam or advanced wall drills up and absolutely need the additional coal, I don’t recommend prolonged moving the kilns. 6 completely improved extended shifted kilns with shrines/agitators would generate 3,738 coal per day but need 781 wood per day to operate. That would need two extended shift advanced wall drills with shrines/agitators, resulting in a daily output of 806 wood.

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There is a lot of information and hype about coal-fired kilns. Some of it is true and some of it is not. It’s all a matter of perspective and your own personal experience. And really, there is no moral to the story here. It’s all about perspective.. Read more about frostpunk on the edge lore and let us know what you think.

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