Detailed comparison of Shadowflame vs Horizon

Horizon: Zero Dawn is an action RPG from Guerilla Games and Sony Interactive Entertainment. Shadowflame, on the other hand, is a mobile exclusive game developed by Deck 13 that uses in-game purchases to help you progress through its story. Expert reviews indicate Horizon has better graphics but there are some differences between these games beyond looks which make it difficult for people to make a decision about which one they should play first.,

The “heroes of the storm” is a MOBA game that was released in 2016. The “heroes of the storm” has been compared to its competitors, such as the “League of Legends”.

I shared my Shadowflame vs. Void Staff comparison a few weeks ago to highlight the MR cutoff at which the latter overtakes Shadowflame in terms of damage. This is where you’ll find it. Many comments asked for information on Horizon focus and other AP issues. So, in the TL;DR section of this paragraph, I’ve summarized my results in an attempt to make them more palatable. Much of this is subjective, and although you may argue for one build over another, there isn’t a definite “good” or “poor” answer.

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Unless you have ludens + sorcs and are targeting an opposing champ with 35MR or less, Shadowflame is nearly always superior than Horizon focus at 2 items (very rare). Shadowflame is an excellent foundation for later in the game when it comes to 3rd and 4th items, when you may select between Dcap/Void/Horizon.

3 things Although void dcap is usually always GOATED, void second isn’t quite as excellent as shadow. You get to choose between Scale and Sin.

Horizon becomes more equivalent to feasible objectives 50MR-80MR if you don’t have ludens, sorcs, or both.

NLR>Hextech if you can land 2.8AP worth of spells (about 4 spells) during the 40s timeframe. Jewel is comparable to NLR and will most likely serve you well as a seat while you complete your third item. (I’ll investigate)


Let me begin by mentioning that I will not demonstrate any derivation of my formulae from last time since I just changed them for MR/AP/ratio cutoffs, which you can find in the previous article.

Stats comparison between Shadowflame and Focus on the Horizon:

Items Shadowflame Focus on the Horizon
AP 100 85
AH   15
HP 200 150
Passives (Depending on the target’s current health) 10-20 When the target is 1000hp*, the number is 20, and when the target is 2500, the number is 10. When CC’ing or doing damage to a champion 700 units or more away, you get a 10% bonus damage for 6s.
Cost 3000g 3000g

There are some stat variations between the two, including 15 AP, 15 AH, 50 HP, and a flashy different passive that does similar things. People are having the most trouble discrediting the passives since a 10% additional dmg seems like a lot. Depending on their MR, the 10-20 penetration will alter how much additional damage you deal.

I’ll alter the shadow pen (10,15,20) for the sake of comparison, but Horizon always has a 10% additional damage. Alternatively, the object may be completely useless.

How much additional damage do you receive with the Horizons passive and the pen?

Horizon bonus is always 10% at any MR, while Shadow (10Pen) bonus is 10% at 10 MR and then drops to 5% at 110MR and beyond. What is the reason behind this? We just compare the damage before and after adding the penetration item to see how much additional damage we gain from pen. Magic resistance - Detailed comparison of Shadowflame vs Horizon

Using the damage calculation from MR:

  1. If an enemy has 10 MR but no pen, the damage is reduced to 100/110 = 0.909090% of the calculated damage.
  2. Enemy with 10 MR but only 10 pens (thus no MR) will take 100/100 = 1.

With a 2/1 ratio, we obtain 1.1. Because of the 10 Pen, the dmg increased by 10% from 10MR to 0. However, as MR rises, this 10% decreases, resulting in diminishing benefits, as everyone knows. When compared to a 200 MR target, a 10pen vs. a 30 MR target does a lot more.

8zczz0mb6i481 - Detailed comparison of Shadowflame vs Horizon

A little demonstration of the extra dmg idea.

Essentially, we’re comparing the change in percent dmg increases of the two passives with the rise in 15 AP. The additive effects of things like infernal/dcap will always favor the greater AP Shadowflame setup.

2 Damage item comparison

Let’s throw in some mythics and boots to see what these real-world damage stats look like. I mostly utilized Viktor with EQ for my calculations, but you may use whatever champion or combination you want; however, most champions/combos are around the 300 = basedmg/ap ratio (ap required to double spell dmg) range.

Crown passive will be UP for this post’s calculations, and I’ll only add the ludens damage proc once.

Mark the item Horizon/Shadow 2 using a variety of pens. EQ Viktor

Last time, I used a lot of graphs to demonstrate the cutoff since the answer is binary with void vs shadowflame. This comparison is more complicated than the last one. Let’s start by saying that Horizon will never do more damage than Shadowflame (20) in any game unless you have a Mythic + sorcs with a lot of pen. As seen in graph 4, we are dealing real dmg (or close to it with 29pen at 30mr for horizon) for all things at 30MR for Ludens+Sorcs. As a result, the 10% additional dmg from the Horizons passive outweighs the 0% benefit since items already do real damage.

Now, this impact is also quite short-lived since if they have 35MR, which practically every single champion has, their MR will jump from 30 to 38 at 2 things, and the most of them will be level 9-12. (MR does not grow linearly, although at level 9, MR is around 34.) If the adversary is all level 9 and has 35 MR or less, horizon is the superior option for damage. But it will never happen outside of ARAM.

Builds 1/2 and 3/4 are not equivalent in damage since ludens costs 400g more, therefore we should add an amp tome to 1/2, but we are not comparing mythic dmg. Due to the passive dropping off, Ludens will nearly always surpass Crown, and item dmg stats will plunge.

This is not to say that the 15AH can’t help certain champions. Later, I’ll talk about 15AH.

There is a lot of overlap between the two things.

I can locate the MR where they overlap from the data using my methods from before:

Build 1 crown without a sorc 2 crowns and a sorc 3 ludens nisi nisi nisi nisi nisi 4 ludens incl. sorc
Horde 10 -Horde 10 -Horde 10 -Hor 62 MR 80 MR 70 MR 88 MR
Horde 20 -Horde 20 -Horde 20 -Hor 224 MR 242 MR 229 MR 247 MR

I supplied void data, but based on my previous article, we know the threshold for this kind of AP and damage combination is in the 60-65 MR region.

In my view, the cutoff is deceiving since Horizon (10) will only just edge out Shadow (10), but the two are quite competitive at respectable MR values. When you consider performing damage without using the horizon passive and shadow damage surpassing 10 pen, the practical damage difference is likely to be 100-200 dmg per QE combination.

I’ll show damage done against. a regular pro comp for context and individuals that seek real-life situations. Using QE, Ludens, and Sorcs + X

Champion MR Shadowflame is a character in the game Shadowflame (15) Horizon Focus
levels 13 Camille 45 1200 1103
Camille and the mercenaries 70 1034 908
Lee Sin is a level 11 character. 43 1200 1123
Lee and his mercenaries 68 1052 921
Level 13 of Twisted Fate 35 1200 1208
With Mercs, TF 60 1132 977
Aphelios level 11 Aphelios lvl 11 Aphelios lv 34 1200 1214
LEVEL 9 Rakan 40 1200 1149
Rakan under a veil of evenshroud 70 1077 938

Due to their low MR, TF and Aphelios are the only two characters that take greater damage, by 8 and 14 damage respectively. This is with ludens sorcs, the best Horizon build, and simply assuming 15 pen from shadowflame in mind.

What happens if you aren’t Viktor?

Let’s modify the 2.3 to 1.5 ratio. Given Shadow’s 15 more AP, the lower ratio should favor Horizon, right?

Absolutely, however the horizon focus dmg will be almost identical to that of Shadowflame(10), thus the alteration will only relocate the overlap.

Constituents (x.5 build)

The components are the second reason for why Horizon could be superior. It’s a lot simpler to create, and you can always purchase an item on base for 435g, which I understand. This section serves as a transition from the two-item mark to the three-item mark. The x.5 point This usually takes some time. If you desire maximum damage, you may believe that the second item should be horizon or shadow, and the third item should be dcap/void. In actuality, you may transform into a verdant or hourglass, for example. Every game is unique. Let’s have a look at some of the components.

Items Alternator by Hextech Unnecessarily Large Rod a ruined jewel
AP 25 60 25
HP 150    
Passives Damage ranges from 50 to 125 depending on level.   15% of the magic pen
Gold 1050g 1250g 1250g

These are the three components that make up Shadow, Horizon, DCAP, and Void. The things you should think about if you want to do the greatest damage against dot champions who can successfully employ demonic and HP.

We’ve shown that Shadow is the second best item for damage in a complete combination (ignoring AH and hence dmg over time), but how should you build towards it, and what should you purchase if you have 1250g on hand?

Simply evaluate the level (let’s say 13 = 103 damage) to see whether Hextech > NLR. This implies we deal 103 damage every 40 seconds, which means the difference in AP between the two items must be compensated for in damage, resulting in a total ap ratio of 2.86. This implies you’ll have to cast spells that sum up to this amount.

The AP ratio of Xerath Q is 0.85. To make up for the damage, we’d have to utilize and strike Xerath Q four times in 40 seconds. In actuality, since you have more than just a Q, this should be simple for a laner. Because Viktor EQ has a 2.3 ratio, you’ll need to strike one full EQ and a second Q within 40s, or around 1.5 waves of time, to create NLR>Alternator.

Components comparison

Leaving aside the fact that pen + NLR have higher AP, the ludens proc would do more damage and have a greater impact on things. We can just say:

35AP * 2.86 apratios = Hextech proc damage

Looking at Viktor QE (2.3 ratio), regardless of your ap ratio, the difference in damage will be:

Difference in dmg = 35 ap * 2.3 – 103 (whatever horizon proc is at that level)

If we compare damage over a period of 40 years. So, because to Victor’s underestimation of three QE combinations, NLR and Jewel outperform, and you will deal 140-100 damage more in the 40s.

l2ud6m59vi481 - Detailed comparison of Shadowflame vs Horizon

3 spell rotations are provided, including ludens + shadow pen.

3 items

Horizon isn’t great for damage, but what about playing it together? What about the competition? In scenarios, I evaluated dcap, void, shadow, and horizon to find which of the two or three together dealt the greatest damage. There are significant gold disparities in the builds, so if one is much less costly than the most expensive, I would add an amp, blasting wand, or NLR if appropriate.

Let’s begin with a simple graph.

At three items, Viktor EQ

This graph is a jumble. And it’s quite difficult to read. Shadowflame (10) + horizon focus equals shadow+hor min. At 20 pen, shadow+hor equals shadow. Remove the min values from the graph and assume that shadow is performing 20pen. Although that is an exaggeration, I believe it is acceptable.

Damage disparities between 2 Mythics 3 item full combos

Damages for two separate mythics and differencing pens are shown below. 1 = 0 pen, 2 = 18, 3 = 16(2 completed things), and 4 = 34 before any pen from the components in the image, much as the 2 item combinations. Later in the game, Ludens+sorcs provides a lot of pen.

Things to keep in mind: Shadowflame combinations have a limit on how much damage they can deliver depending on the weapon you combine with it. If there is no ludens/sorcs pen to support the shadowflame/void combination, Void and Deathcap is the most reliable combo and will outperform shadow+void.

Horizon performs well once again, but nothing exceptional. When you have ludens and sorcs, you may make a fun true damage horizon build that deals a lot of damage to enemies below 40MR. For many players and scenarios, this may be enough; nevertheless, if a 35MR champion purchases one magic mantle to reach 60 MR, horizon builds will deal 100-200 less damage than their equivalents.

4 Items

Shadowflame has been considered in all of the builds at 4 items since it just performs too well at 2 and 3 items, plus having an NLR in the build path for the best component (laning champions probably utilize hextech better) makes it a must have in my view.

4 different item combinations

For 4 items, the builds with a deathcap start to seem pretty effective at MR values below 100, but anything above 100 need a Void staff. The Shadow Dcap Horizon build does the greatest damage against champions with MR 60-70 and lower, which is unsurprising given that Ludens+Sorcs already gives a lot of penetration, making the build stronger. This build wouldn’t be as good without all of this pen. Remember that these pen items increase your damage by ten percent when combined with the horizons ten percent boost.

Haste is a skill.

Horizon is really horrible, as I’ve indicated throughout this discussion, unless you want the ultimate damage against low MR targets. However, unlike any of the other possibilities, the item possesses 15 AH. What exactly does this imply? Well, it’s a matter of opinion, and it depends entirely on the game and the champion.

For many champions, 15 AH is equivalent to 13% CDR, which might be critical. It’s difficult to compare AH versus Dmg since the league isn’t really designed for dps.

I.e. 2 ludens + shad/horse

With shadow EQ, a 40 MR target will get 1200 damage.

Horizon EQ will deal 1153 to a target with an MR of 40.

5s Q cd with Shadow

Horizon = 4.34s with Q cs

And etc…

So, if you battle for 4.5 seconds, you can obtain an additional Q with Horizon and always outperform the low AH construct. I’m not sure where the line is drawn. You could just claim that you can kite or use shadow flame to purchase 0.5s of time for a second Q and deliver more damage. I can’t offer a general guideline for damage vs. AH since there is a balance. For someone like Vlad, who like shadow yet adores AH, the additional 15AH seems to be really valuable.

(Can anybody who has worked on dmg for a long time help me figure out where to draw the line?)

The Lucidity boots give you 20 AH. Caps on Zoe prefers to run electrocute and so receives no AH, but Vetheo prefers to run sorcs and has transcendence in his runes, providing 10AH. Balanced stats and minmaxing abound in League of Legends. If you believe you will need 15AH, go ahead and construct Horizon.

AP/ratios that vary

I used Viktor EQ, which has a 2.3 ratio, in this article. Things will alter if you just look at champion abilities with a low ratio, and vice versa. If your ap ratios are really high, you’ll almost certainly require a deathcap, regardless of what you construct second.


If you’re still reading, thank you, and I’d welcome any criticism. Build ludens sorcs horizon for delicious oneshots on low MR targets if you want your iixxn0s0pesxxii montage plays. Otherwise, unless you really, really need the 15AH, don’t. Shadow provides an excellent foundation for your other things at 2 items and scales well if you have other penetration goods like sorcs + ludens, which most soloq players would purchase.

In general, we’re comparing Horizon to Viktor, and with Viktor, you must E first, then Q, which isn’t always the case. The damage buff is uneven, so keep that in mind when purchasing champions. Shadowflame 10 will always outperform any void build without its 10% bonus, so don’t purchase it if you can’t easily proc Horizon.

NLR is a fantastic component, and if you’re starting with 1250g, it’s probably better than alternator since you’ll be able to land enough spells in the 40s. If you really need the 150HP, go for a ruby if you can. (Also, wherever feasible, purchase NLR/BF as your next base, since you may not have enough and your timings will be messed up.)

EDIT 1: I didn’t use runes in my builds since their AP ratios are about 20-25 percent. Again, the AP-heavy setups with DCAP would be preferred somewhat more. Because the AP differential is roughly 100-150, the additional damage after mitigation would be around 25.

I don’t believe this article is as nice as my Void/Shadowflame one since there are way too many what-if scenarios. I’m sorry, but I don’t believe there is a defiant response. Complex circumstances abound in League, and it’s not always simple to forecast what the adversary will purchase or how much money you should base your strategy on.

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