How To Use Subnautica Console?

Subnautica is a beautiful game that takes you on an underwater adventure. On the surface, it’s all about exploring alien worlds and surviving in harsh environments, but there are so many things to do under water as well! In this guide we’ll teach you how to use your Subnautica console for maximum enjoyment of gameplay (and survival).

How do you use the console in Subnautica Xbox One?

To use the console, you need to press the Xbox button on your controller. This will bring up a menu where you can access all of the features that are available in Subnautica.

How do you use console commands in Subnautica PS4?

To use console commands in Subnautica, you must first enable them. This can be done by going to the settings menu and clicking on the option that says Enable Console Commands. Once enabled, you can enter console commands into the game by pressing the tilde key (~) on your keyboard.

What are the console commands for Subnautica?

The console commands for Subnautica are as follows.

/subnaut – Teleports you to the surface of the water.
/subnautac – Allows you to swim in air instead of water.
/subnauta – Swims in air instead of water.
/subnaupt – Teleports you back to your base.
/subnausub – Toggles between swimming and walking mode.

Are there any cheat codes for Subnautica?

There are no cheat codes for Subnautica, but you can use the following to get a lot of items and money.

-Press Ctrl+Shift+C to open up your inventory.
-Scroll down until you find the item you want to buy.
-Hold Shift and click on that item, then press Enter.
-You will now have bought the item in your inventory.

How do I enable the console in Subnautica?

To enable the console, you must first open up the inventory in game. Once there, click on Options and then select Console. You can also press the tilde key (~) to bring up the console.

How do I get to the Frozen Leviathan?

The Frozen Leviathan is a level in Beat Saber that requires you to have the Frozen Powerup. To get this powerup, you must beat the song Frozen on Expert difficulty without dying.

How do I activate cheats on Xbox one?

To activate cheats on your Xbox One, you must first open up the game and go to the settings menu. From there, select Game DVR or Xbox Live, depending on which one is available for your console. Then, go down to Cheats.

How do you use console on PC?

The console is a device that allows you to connect your PC to the internet and play games. It also allows you to download games from the PlayStation Store.

What is a console command?

A console command is a command that can be typed into the games console. This allows players to do things like change their character model, spawn items, and more.

What are the 17 achievements in Subnautica?


1. Complete the game
2. Find all of the Seabases in a single run
3. Complete all of the challenges in a single run
4. Complete the game without taking damage from any creature
5. Complete the game without using any oxygen tanks
6. Complete the game without opening any doors
7. Collect every type of resource on your map
8. Craft every item in your inventory into something else
9. Build

How much health do leviathans have?

Leviathans have a health bar that is divided into three sections. The first section of the health bar is the head, which has 100% health. The second section is the torso, which has 50% health. And finally, the third section is the tail, which has 25% health.

Where is the shadow Leviathan?

The shadow Leviathan is a location that can be found in the game. It is located in the far north of the map, and its one of the most difficult areas to find.

How do you hatch a sea monkey egg in Subnautica?

You need to put the egg in a small container and fill it with water. The eggs will hatch after about 24 hours, but you can speed up the process by putting them in a larger container of water for a few days.

Can I jailbreak Xbox One?

Unfortunately, Microsoft does not allow users to jailbreak their Xbox One consoles. This is due to copyright restrictions that Microsoft fears would be leveled against them should they allow something like this.

How do you use commands in Subnautica Xbox?

To use commands, you must first type the command followed by a space and then the text that you want to be typed. For example, typing help would give you a list of all the commands in Subnautica Xbox.

How do you summon a blue Axolotl in Minecraft?

To summon a blue Axolotl in Minecraft, you must first find a water source and then use the command /summon axolotl ~ ~1 ~ {Passengers:[{id:minecraft:blue_axolotl}]}

How do you use console commands in Subnautica PS4?

Console commands are a way to execute certain functions in the game. For example, you can use console commands to spawn items or change your players appearance. You can find out more about these commands by typing help into the console.

How do you enter cheats in Subnautica PS4?

To enter cheats in Subnautica PS4, you must first enable the developer console by pressing the Options button on your controller. Once it is enabled, press down on the d-pad to bring up the console and then type in your desired cheat code.

How do you stop Aurora radiation?

Aurora radiation is a naturally occurring phenomenon that occurs when high energy particles from the sun hit the Earths atmosphere. It can be seen as a greenish-blue glow in the sky and is often associated with aurora borealis, or northern lights. The best way to avoid it is to stay indoors during periods of high solar activity.

What are some console commands?

Some console commands are as follows:

help – Displays a list of all the console commands.

killallavatar – Kills all avatars on the server.

sv_cheats 1 – Enables cheats on the server.

How do I enable console?

To enable the console, you must first press the PS button on your controller. Then, you will see a prompt that says Press X to enter the menu. Press X and then select Enable Console.

What are orange tablets for in Subnautica?

Orange tablets are used to create a temporary oxygen supply. They can be found in the medical bay of the Seamoth, and also on some of the larger life support machines.

Is having coordinates in Minecraft cheating?

No, it is not. Coordinates are a feature of the game that allows players to move around in-game using an x, y coordinate system. This is used by some players to find hidden areas or build structures that they wouldnt be able to otherwise.

Why is my Cyclops red?

The Cyclops is the part of the Beat Saber game that you use to hit the beats. If your Cyclops is red, it means that there are no more beats in the song. You need to restart the song and try again.

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