how WoW pushes towards a toxic playerbase

World of Warcraft has a toxic playerbase. Blizzard is actively trying to combat the toxicity by implementing new systems and mechanics, but these actions have been met with mixed reactions from players. How do we go about solving this problem?

The wow toxic players is a problem that has been present for a while. Blizzard has released some solutions to fix the issue.

Recently, a lot of material has been tossed about, including the usual “final fantasy good amazing terrible” story and the counterargument that “you are part of the community, the game didn’t make you toxic,” but I thought about it and realized that it did.

New players are notorious for having a different experience in both games, with experienced WoW players wanting to rush through early content in their full heirlooms and new players feeling overwhelmed, with experienced players getting angry at new players for wanting to take it slow, while the other popular MMO right now has the exact opposite. The reason for this is the difference in heirlooms.

Contrary to common perception, the new player experience in Globe of Warcraft is really very excellent; you have a whole world to explore, questlines to read, and hundreds of dungeons to explore; the material is all there, and it’s all new! The only real drawback to the completely new player experience is that it makes it difficult to catch up on the narrative, but WoW just became a story-driven game as of, I’m not sure, BfA? But, in general, the new player experience is very enjoyable; the major problem is that after you’ve done it once, you’ve done it a million times.

People who have been playing WoW for ten years or more have completed the majority of the leveling questlines, we’ve completed all of the dungeons, we’ve been there, we’ve done that, but we haven’t leveled on every class. WoW is a game that encourages you to have at least one alt character, and most people have several, and this is where the toxicity begins.

Blizzard recognized this with their statement that leveling is only enjoyable the first time. 20514 the threads of fate shadowlands adventure mode leveling for alts - how WoW pushes towards a toxic playerbase

Threads of Fate is a new way to level in Shadowlands. You can argue about how good ToF is compared to regular leveling, but it does acknowledge the problem that people don’t really want to read the same 12+ hour long storyline every time they level an alt. Blizzard knows that players just want to max out their alts, so leveling stops being an experience and becomes a chore. The bulk of individuals who wish to create an alt must still complete the 1-50 zones.

It takes a long time to get from 1 to 50. #:%7E:text=Most%20expansions%20(except%20BC)%20will,to%20get%20to%20level%2050 - how WoW pushes towards a toxic playerbase

Between 12 and 16 hours if you know what you’re doing, which, while not particularly long by MMO standards, is still a chore that people don’t want to do, and that getting slowed down by your healer going AFK for 10 minutes in a dungeon or your DPS pulling mobs you weren’t expecting, or just general noob stuff, is going to frustrate you because it’s elongating a chore you already don’t want to do, When you’re forced to perform the same simple stuff you’ve been doing for a decade and someone does it wrong, it’s understandable that people would scream at/kick the poor player or anger quit themselves; it’s just the quickest way to accomplish the job.

When a new player reaches 60, they are introduced to all of the catchup mechanics that we as veterans have come to rely on, because no one wants to slog through normal->heroic->mythic dungeons, so as soon as a new player reaches max with a slightly respectable ilvl, they are indistinguishable from someone who has played since tbc, except that they barely understand their class and tbc.

So, how would I solve it? I’d offer other methods of leveling and slowing down the traditional method. Imagine if you could level 1-60 using Torghast, if you could level 1-60 by doing dailies for old rep, timewalking, or just doing a bonus objective guantlet, if they made leveling fun for veteran players outside of “just do the old content again,” if they made leveling fun for veteran players outside of “just do the old content again.” Then, to borrow from Final Fantasy, introduce a daily timewalking event where you help a new player through a random dungeon from the past for a gold and rep token reward. WoW players aren’t monsters, and if we’re told up front that “you’re doing this to help a new player, there will be a small reward,” we’ll be patient. Blizzard has to be innovative with their design in order for WoW to be a great game.

tl;dr During the leveling and gearing process, mixing new and veteran players creates toxicity since for one group, it’s a fresh experience, while for the other, it’s a hassle.

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