Jim Keller Reportedly Working with Samsung on AI Processors

Jim Keller has been working with Samsung on AI processors. He left Intel to work on the project.

Jim Keller, the former lead architect of AMD’s Ryzen and Threadripper processors has reportedly joined Samsung. The news broke at a major industry conference held in November 2018 where it was said that he would be part of an AI processor team for mobile applications.

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Jim Keller is said to be working on a new generation of AI processors with Samsung. A keynote address he gave at the Samsung SAFE Forum last week fuelled the notion. If this is accurate, he will be working with some of the world’s most sophisticated node processes, such as Samsung’s 2 nm chips, which are expected to arrive in 2025.

Jim Keller made a major lecture at the Samsung Foundry Forum gathering a few days ago, sparking anticipation that he will join Samsung and work on more powerful AI chips.

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  Company Title A Crucial Product
1980s 1998 DEC Architect Alpha
1998 1999 AMD Architect in Charge HyperTransport K7, K8v1
1999 2000 SiByte Architect in Chief MIPS Networking is a networking protocol developed by MIPS. is a networking protocol developed by MIPS.
2000 2004 Broadcom Architect in Chief MIPS Networking
2004 2008 P.A. Semi Vice President of Engineering Mobile phone with low power consumption
2008 2012 Apple Vice President of Engineering Mobile A4 / A5
8/2012 9/2015 AMD Vice President of the Corporation and Chief Cores Architect K12 (+ Zen) / Skybridge
1/2016 4/2018 Tesla Vice President of Autopilot Hardware Engineering FSD (Fully Self-Driving) Chip
4/2018 6/2020 Intel Silicon Engineering Senior Vice President ?
2021 Tenstorrent President and Chief Technology Officer TBD

AnandTech Table

Keller is a semiconductor industry celebrity. Although he jokingly refers to himself as one of the uncles, he is acknowledged as the father of AMD’s Zen architecture. He also worked with Apple and Intel, and there’s a claim that he assisted the latter in the development of a new chip named Royal Cove, which is expected to be released in 2024. He joined Tesla in 2016 to assist with the development of a chip for the autonomous driving computing system. He is presently the president and chief technology officer of Tenstorrent Inc. He recently met down with AnandTech for an in-depth interview and detailed explanation of his ownership in the firm.

Although the firm has been around for a long time, we are now developing a new generation of components, as well as coming to market and selling products. I’m the CTO and president, and I have a significant financial investment in the firm as well as a commitment to my friends there, so I want to stay for a long.

There has been no formal news about a cooperation with Samsung, but given his vast history of working with a variety of firms and his growing interest in AI, it is quite likely. It’d most likely be a contractual arrangement than just his quitting Tenstorrent.

Baidu is one of the sources (via Chiphell). AnandTech, Korea Economic Daily Edition

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As a youngster of the 1970s, I was one of many who were intrigued by the 1980s video arcade invasion. I bought my first computer from a buddy after saving money from several odd jobs… Peter Brosdahl’s work may be found here.

Jim Keller is a veteran game designer and programmer. He has worked on games such as the Mass Effect series, Dishonored, and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. He is now reportedly working with Samsung on AI processors. Reference: what is jim keller doing now.

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