Optimal Guide for Setting up Your PlayStation

So, you’ve finally got your hands on the coveted PlayStation 5, and now you’re wondering how to set it up. Should it be vertical or horizontal? Today, I’ll delve into the specifics of positioning your PS5 horizontally.

Unboxing the latest PlayStation

Inside the retail box, I find the PS5 console itself, snugly nestled in protective foam. Also included are a DualSense controller, power cables, USB cables, and HDMI cable, all neatly packaged.

Taking out the console, I notice its striking design. It sports a black core sandwiched between two curved white panels. It’s a bold, futuristic style that unmistakably sets it apart from its predecessors. Measuring about 15.4″ tall, 10.2″ deep, and 4.1″ wide, it makes a substantial impression.

The DualSense controller stands as a marvel of design in itself. It integrates haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, significantly improving gaming immersion. The setup doesn’t neglect the traditional PS essentials: a USB cable for charging the controller and an HDMI cable for connecting to a monitor or TV.

Playstation 5 horizontal


Building on the unboxing, the elegance of PlayStation 5’s design truly comes to life when it’s placed horizontally. Despite its unconventional shape, the horizontal setup optimizes the console’s daunting size for a sleeker profile.

The aesthetic appeal of PlayStation 5’s design lies in its clean, white exterior, contrasting the black interior. The console spans approximately 390mm in width, 260mm in depth, and 104mm in height when oriented horizontally. This strikingly unique design echoes Sony’s ambition for a futuristic look.

Prioritizing practicality in design, the PlayStation 5, when horizontally placed, exhibits an excellent ventilation system. Ventilation slots run across its entire backside, ensuring efficient cooling, even during intense gaming sessions. It’s a design philosophy that melds aesthetics, innovation, and purpose.

The PlayStation 5’s horizontal orientation also lightens the impact on the DualSense controller’s design. Posed horizontally, the DualSense’s trademark light bar curves up from the touchpad and alongside the sides. It’s not just ergonomically designed but aesthetically pleasing, complementing the console’s futuristic look.

Set Up and Installation of the PlayStation 5 Horizontal


After discussing the unboxing contents and design implications, let’s proceed with setting up the PlayStation 5 horizontally.

For the next step, locate the highlighted clip area on the back side of the console, prompting the correct placement of the base. Attach the base stand to the console by aligning it with the clip area, ensuring a secure connection.

Now connect the essential cables, starting with the power cord. Sony has included a high-speed HDMI cable in the package, offering supreme visual clarity and performance. Ensure it’s connected securely at both ends. Attaching the power cord is straightforward, given the single power port on the back of the console.

Units come with an integrated 825GB SSD, negating the requirement for an external hard drive. For increased storage, connect an external hard drive to one of the USB ports. Establish hardwired internet connectivity by plugging an Ethernet cable into the LAN port, if so desired.

Next, sync the DualSense controller. Connect it to the PS5 using the USB cable included, pressing the PlayStation button. Upon successful connection, the controller’s LED will light up, confirming the sync.

Lastly, power up the console by pressing the power button provided above the disc input. Await the intro sequence and follow the onscreen instructions to personalize settings and preferences.

Comparing the PlayStation 5 with Other Consoles

After a deep dive into the PlayStation 5’s horizontal setup, it’s clear that this console stands out. Its design, setup process, and emphasis on ventilation and cable management are a testament to Sony’s attention to detail. The unboxing, setup, and personalization processes are all part of the immersive gaming journey Sony delivers. So if you’re on the fence about which console to get, consider the PlayStation 5. It’s more than just a game system – it’s a statement.

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