REVIEW: Doom Patrol Season 3, Episode 8, “Subconscious Patrol”

The first season of Doom Patrol was a massive hit and it has been interesting to see how this wonderful series has evolved over the past few years. With every new episode, we get more insight into what makes these characters tick as well as some really great action moments.

The “doom patrol subconscious patrol” is the eighth episode of Doom Patrol’s third season. It was released on April 3rd, 2019. The episode begins with a group of people in a hospital room talking about how they are stuck in their own minds and cannot escape. This leads to them trying to find out what happened to them when they were children.

Doom Patrol Season 3 Episode 8 “Subconscious Patrol” REVIEW

“What sort of Jim Henson-Captain Kangaroo devilry is this?”

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“Subconscious Patrol” begins in Vic’s mind, when he is confronted with a prior blunder. Jane and the other alternatives are converted into Muppet-like creatures that live at Kay’s command in Jane’s imagination. One of Malcolm’s birds flies away with Kay. Cliff, on the other hand, comes face to face with his previous self. Larry arrives for his wedding ceremony at the chapel. In their subconscious forms, the Patrol eventually gathers in a chamber. As part of the Sisterhood of Dada’s Eternal Flagellation, Rita explains that everyone on Earth has swapped places with their subconscious self. Rita disputes that this is wicked, claiming that it is Laura who is the bad guy. Rita witnesses Laura join the Brotherhood of Evil in 1949 in order to go to 2021 and battle Niles Caulder. Larry’s mother asks him to put God first and show he can be faithful to a lady in his subconscious. Harry the lamb is destroyed by Kay’s alternates. Laura bids Rita goodbye in 1949 before embarking on her time journey. Rita takes the subconscious Patrol to the Sisterhood of Dada’s activity in the present, but they all flee. Rita boards the time machine in 1949 to return to her previous life. Cliff understands it’s a horrible recollection in his subconscious when a female he wants to meet up with informs him Clara is alone in the vehicle. He departs, intending to fetch Larry from his consciousness. The subconscious Patrol debunks fatherhood, personal responsibility, and the next course of action. Cliff informs the others that he is dying of Parkinson’s disease. Cliff and Larry are aware when they locate Vic in his subconscious. The four then return to the actual world and search down their subconscious selves, where they encounter Jane in Kay’s head. To sort things out, the conscious Patrol faces the subconscious Patrol, and one by one, everyone returns to their proper place. Cliff has returned to Clara’s residence. Kay informs Jane that the other alternatives have left. Larry locates the worm that he vomited and brings it home. Vic awakens to see that his procedure went well. Laura locates Rita. 

Doom Patrol Subconscious Patrol

“Subconscious Patrol” tackles some weighty concepts and character struggles, but the episode deftly balances the doom and gloom with good dialogue and humorous images. Jane and Larry’s tales, arguably the darkest and most inspiring of the group, are my favorites from this episode. When I originally watched the first season, I didn’t like for Jane at all, and I’m not sure when she began growing on me. It became evident at some time that the majority of Jane’s troubles stem from the different personalities locked in Kay’s body. Jane has spent most of the episode attempting to assist Kay, either by obtaining what she needs or by assisting her in becoming self-sufficient enough to get it on her own. The other alternatives, particularly this season, have started pushing back on this. They don’t want Kay to improve or become stronger since it may lead to their demise. Kay telling Jane that she hoped she will die astounded me. If Kay wanted her other personalities to die, I could understand (and agree, to be honest). They’re obnoxious and expect Jane to do all the hard labor while also allowing their way of life to continue unabated. Instead of healing and maturing, they want Kay to wallow in her past trauma and self-pity. They only care about Kay’s well-being inasmuch as it aids, or at the very least does not obstruct, their own miserable little “lives.” I’m not sure how humans that are supposed to serve and protect others can be so self-centered and short-sighted, but I digress. 

Doom Patrol Subconscious Patrol

I almost don’t think Kay really wants Jane to die. Jane has constantly been Kay’s only ally and champion in the underground, so it sounds uncommonly nasty coming from a girl who has been demonstrated to be everything but. Kay’s argument that everything Jane does causes her additional sorrow and suffering perplexes me. Is she referring to Jane’s daily activities, her subterranean activities, or both? After all Jane has done for her, most of the time while dealing with the other alternatives, how can Kay think like this? Kay’s revelation that the other identities had already vanished took me off surprise as well. I suppose she followed through on her threat and murdered them, which is rather terrible. If the alternatives just make Kay’s issues worse, it’s better to confront them head-on and make them irrelevant. I only hope she doesn’t actually put a stop to things with Jane like this; she deserves more, even if the others don’t. I really appreciate the different puppets, and it gives Diane Guerrero, who is usually fantastic, a chance to practice her voice acting skills before portraying a part in Encanto next month. The subconscious world’s graphics are stunning in general, particularly when the lads discover puppet Jane and ride through a surreal kaleidoscope. 

Doom Patrol Subconscious Patrol

The core premise of Cyborg’s tale appeals to me. He believes his youth was taken from him and that he was compelled to act like a soldier, never admitting weakness or making errors. However, I’m not convinced if focusing so much on the racial component was essential or the greatest creative option. When it comes to black toys, every collector will tell you that historically, retailers purchased fewer black dolls (when manufacturers manufactured them), and I believe the same is true for action figures. But it was an odd decision to show Vic tossing the figurines on the floor just to flip it around and make it about how the shop manager (not the owner) is racist. Cliff is one of my favorite characters, yet his journey seemed like it was repeating itself. To be honest, I believe that was the idea all along. They demonstrate his cyclical nature, as he keeps making the same errors and squandering a second opportunity with his daughter to consume drugs and talk with a camgirl. Larry reconciles with his subconscious self after coming to grips with his history, both his faults and the ones he couldn’t control. This was an excellent way to complete this character’s journey, and I’m excited to see where they take him next. I truly hope he doesn’t die, and I’m hoping the same for Cliff. After Niles earlier this season, I don’t think they’ll kill off another key character. Rita’s friendship with Laura is becoming more intriguing. Their discussion on art and how it saved Rita’s life after Laura damaged it was fascinating. Laura considers art to be something that losers pursue in order to make their life more tolerable. I completely understand Rita’s point of view, and I know many who believe similarly to Laura. This is the epitome of their complete incompatibility. It’s a pity, though, since I adored Laura up until “Bird Patrol” and was cheering for her to succeed. Rita’s prior recollections of the Doom Patrol are likewise confirmed in “Subconscious Patrol.”

Doom Patrol Subconscious Patrol

“Subconscious Patrol” is a solid but not outstanding episode. Rita and Laura, Jane and Kay, and Larry confronting his history are all examples of brilliance. Vic and Cliff’s subplots, on the other hand, dragged the show down for me. 

Plot – 6
8.5 for acting
6 levels of progression
10 Production Design
7th Action



“Subconscious Patrol” is a solid but not outstanding episode. Rita and Laura, Jane and Kay, and Larry confronting his history are all examples of brilliance. Vic and Cliff’s subplots, on the other hand, dragged the show down for me. 

The “doom patrol season 3” is a superhero series that has been running for over two years. The latest episode, “Subconscious Patrol,” was released on November 20th, 2018.

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