The 10 best weapons and items in the Metroid series

The Metroid series has been around for decades, with the first game released in 1986. It is one of Nintendo’s most popular franchises, with over fifteen games released to date. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which weapons are worth using. Here are the ten best items and weapons in the Metroid series.

The super metroid items locations is a list of the 10 best weapons and items in the Metroid series.

Any Metroidvania game, which began with Metroid on the NES in 1986, is incomplete without power-ups. Samus Aran’s first assignment was to battle Mother Brain and the space pirates Ridley and Kraid on the planet Zebes. She collected weapons and things such as rockets, explosives, and more throughout her quest.

The Metroid series has been introducing more and more gadgets like these for Samus to use for the last 35 years. Others have been with her from the beginning, while others have only featured in a single game. With the release of Metroid Dread rapidly approaching, a whole new arsenal is just around the horizon. The ten greatest weapons and items in the Metroid series are listed here.


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Link isn’t the only hero who can blast up hidden passageways with explosives. Since the beginning of the Metroid series, explosives have aided Samus in discovering secret places and treasures. They’re excellent for exploring Ball of Morph-sized tunnels.

Bombs have a unique navigational function as well: their detonation propel Samus into the air. In many Metroid games, this is an essential maneuver, but it’s also the foundation of the endless bomb leaping technique. Bombs may be used to push Samus forever if timed properly, allowing gamers to reach high-up locations before the games intend.

Beam Grapple

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Samus’ Grappling Beam is another long-time weapon, allowing her to hook onto grapple points and swing to previously inaccessible ledges. The Grapple Beam has been with our heroine since Super Metroid, despite the fact that it now fires from a left-hand glove rather than Samus’ arm cannon in the Prime series.

Although large bad guys may shrug it off, the Grapple Beam can be utilized to destroy lesser foes. Grappling, as you would imagine, plays a role in some boss battles. Other M, in fact, forces you to swing straight into the jaws of Queen Metroid.

Suit of Gravity

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The picture of Samus within her spacesuit is famous, and it varies depending on the equipment used, such as the Gravity Suit. The Gravity Suit’s benefits vary per game, but most use it to allow Samus unrestricted mobility in deep water and the ability to endure burning lava. It’s also used by other M to get around gravitational effects.

Damage resistance is something that all versions of the suit have in common. In Super Metroid in Other M, you can withstand up to 75% of incoming damage. It’s always a benefit to have more defense.


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Missiles have been with Samus from the beginning, much like explosives. They’re first and primarily employed to blast open red doors. In a Metroid game, discovering the missile launcher is like finding a master key.

Missiles are very important in warfare. They can kill most opponents in a single shot and are the sole method to defeat the titular Metroids when combined with the famous Ice Beam. You can’t go too crazy with missiles, however, since Samus can only carry so many. Fortunately, every game has a plethora of missile expansions.

Morph Ball

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One of Samus’ most powerful abilities is also the series’ first. She’s stopped by a wall early on in the original Metroid (and its remake, Zero Mission). The only way out is via a tiny tunnel at the bottom, which the handy Morph Ball is exactly the perfect size for.

Since then, rolling about has been a recurring theme in the series. From the bouncy Spring Ball to the fast Boost Ball, the Morph Ball receives its own set of improvements. In addition, the Morph Ball is the main character in Metroid Prime Pinball.

Attack is a bad idea.

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Why don’t you tuck and roll in the air? That’s basically what Samus’ Screw Attack does. All opponents may be reduced to a cloud of smoke by spinning, making airborne navigation in 2D games a snap.

The assault was given a new spin (heh) in the Prime series. Samus may jump into the air many times in a row while Screw Attacking there, bouncing off walls and even change direction in mid-flight. It’s a combination of a Screw Attack, a Wall Jump, and a Jump into space. In relation to that…

Space Jump

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The Screw Attack is taken to the next level with the Space Jump. The Space Leap was first introduced in Metroid II: The Return of Samus, and it enables her to jump indefinitely in the air. Although the series never has a jetpack, Samus comes the closest to flying with her suit by bouncing in the air indefinitely.

The Space Leap is used before the Screw Attack in the Prime series, and it grants Samus a double jump. Of course, double leaps aren’t the same as limitless jumps, but they’re still extremely helpful.

Ball of Spiders

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The Morph Ball gets a significant improvement with the Spider Ball, just as the Screw Attack opens up new possibilities with the Space Jump. As the name implies, this power-up allows the Morph Ball to cling to surfaces.

The Spider Ball is only found in Metroid II (including the Samus Returns remake) and the Prime games, but its entertaining aspect makes it an all-time classic. Samus may cling to walls and ceilings in the 2D games. The Spider Ball connects to special rails in Prime, giving it the impression of an extraterrestrial roller coaster.

Suit Varia

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The Varia Suit, like so many other things on this list, has been an unlockable for Samus from the beginning. The Gravity Suit is extremely similar to the Varia Suit, however it only appears in a few Metroid games while the Varia Suit occurs in every adventure. It’s also been hinted for Metroid Dread.

In the first game, the suit transforms Samus’ armor a soft pink and reduces all damage by 50%. The most frequent benefit you’ll receive with this suit is damage reduction, although it also shields Samus from severe heat, subzero cold, and acid in the case of Zero Mission.

X-Ray Scanner

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Every item on this list has appeared in numerous Metroid games thus far, with the exception of the X-Ray Scope, which can only be discovered in Super Metroid. It is, however, so valuable that it must be considered one of Samus’ greatest tools, since it may uncover secret passageways and breakable obstacles. It’s a blessing to be able to see these secrets.

Although the X-Ray Scope only appears in Super Metroid, its spirit lives on in other games. Scan Pulse in Samus Returns exposes the same information as an aura surrounding Samus, while the Power Bomb in Fusion and Zero Mission discloses secrets with its detonation.

The super metroid missile locations is a weapon that can be acquired in the Metroid series. It is one of the most powerful weapons in the game and it can only be found on certain planets.

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