The Best High Mobility Champions in League of Legends –

With the latest season of League of Legends less than a month away, it’s time to take stock and review the current meta. Today we’re going to evaluate some high mobility champions that have yet to see much playtime in competitive LoL despite their strong design.

The “high mobility champions lol” is a list of the best high mobility champions in League of Legends.

The Best High Mobility Champions in League of Legends –

At times, League of Legends might seem a little sluggish – particularly when the game reaches the 40-minute mark.

So why not switch things up by playing a champion that lives in the fast lane?

In League, there are two kinds of high mobility champions:

Champions with extraordinary mobility in combat and the ability to travel across the battlefield in record-breaking speed.

I’ve compiled a list of the finest champions in both mobility kinds below.

Whether you want to outmaneuver your opponent with acrobatic maneuvers or just want a champion that can outroam any laner, you’ll find your new primary here.


Twisted Fate (#14)

Twisted Fate LoL gameplay screenshotImage Credit:

Twisted Fate has many tricks under his sleeve, the first of which is his incredible agility.

He can teleport to whatever spot he wants thanks to his ult.

While the ability isn’t worldwide, it has a wide variety of applications. It also has the additional bonus of revealing ALL enemy champions.

So, if you see a low-health adversary trying to secretly recall, teleport right next to them and give them a devastating jumpscare.

The only disadvantage?

The cooldown on the ultimate is really lengthy.


13. Talon

Talon LoL gameplayImage Credit:

Talon is the parkour king.

He can leap over any building in his path, enabling him to “nope out” of potentially dangerous situations or take a billion shortcuts anytime he wants to explore the map.

His ultimate also grants him increased movement speed and the ability to close gaps.

Unfortunately, Talon will not be able to parkour his way to the summit.

What is the explanation behind this?

Carelessly vaulting over terrain might cost you a lot of money in the long run; every time he vaults over a building, the structure is placed on cooldown.


12. Quinn

Quinn gameplay LoLImage Credit:

Quinn, alias Demacia’s wings, is now in 12th position.

While she isn’t the most popular champion in the game – and gamers aren’t sure what her main function should be – one thing is certain: she is a force to be reckoned with.

Quinn is the player with the fastest mobility speed in the game.

This is owing to her eagle friend Valor, who, once she reaches level 6, will fly her anywhere she wishes (pets are the true MVPs).

Valor, unsurprisingly, elevates Quinn to the throne of wandering. Before her lane opponent can even ping “enemy missing,” she may capture objectives or kills all around the map.


Camille is number eleven.

Camille LoL gameplay screenshotImage Credit:

Camille’s skill limit might be rather high.

However, if you’re searching for a mobile fighter capable of slicing the adversary to death, look no further. Camille is well worth the tens of thousands of hours it takes to master her.

She can dance around adversaries like an acrobatic goddess while doing massive damage and slowing them down. She can even simply engage and disengage.

Her ultimate is also a game-changer: she may leap upon an opponent and isolate them in a “fight to the death” zone (spoiler alert: she will not be the loser).


10. Shen

Shen LoL gameplayImage Credit:

Right. Shen could be known for… afking in the river.

But rest assured that the afking “River Shen,” which has no map presence, isn’t a real portrayal.

Shen has a lot of map presence and, because to his global teleport ability, is one of the most mobile champions in the game.

He can teleport to an ally of his choosing and provide them a shield that shields them from incoming harm in a matter of seconds.

Oh, and what happens when he teleports?

He then blinks between his comrade and the opponent closest to him.

He may use this mobile mechanism to turn any combat in his advantage.

He may either assist his teammate in disengaging by taking the hits, or he can attack the opponent and finish them off to increase his KDA.


9. Pyke

Pyke LoL gameplay screenshotImage Credit:

Want a support who will let you roam so swiftly that the ADC won’t even realize you’ve vanished (and spam ping you for it)?

A support who can confront the adversary and take down their health bar in one shot? Is it possible to KS the ADC without getting flamed?

Then you’re in luck, since Pyke is a combination of all of those things.

He has a movement-speed-granting ability, heavy CC, and damage that will submerge the target in a pool of water.

Pyke can even ambush his opponents, and because to his hook and dash, he has a lot of playmaking potential.


Hecarim (nine)

Hecarim gameplay LoLImage Credit:

Any LoL player knows that a list like this wouldn’t be complete without including Hecarim.

There’s no stopping Hecarim, and there’s no getting away from him.

His E enables him to catch overextended foes in a matter of seconds, as well as capture objectives before the opposing jungler reaches them.

He isn’t all mobility and no bite, either; he can clear the jungle quickly, has a lot of CC, and can do a lot of damage.

You won’t be sorry if you choose this zoomie-loving horse.


7. Rakan

Rakan LoL gameplayImage Credit:

Rakan is the game’s smoothest support.

No, it’s not simply because of his pick-up lines; he’s also a skilled combatant.

Rakan can quickly weave in and out of battles, avoid practically any circumstance, and pull off smooth engagements that help his team to capture ace after ace thanks to his kit.

His CC ultimate also grants him increased movement speed, allowing him to travel 10 times faster.

While he isn’t the most popular playmaker (Thresh just draws the crowd in), he is the most mobile, and playing him is a lot of fun.


6. Lillia

Lillia LoL gameplay screenshotImage Credit:

Hecarim is, without a doubt, the finest four-legged sprinter. Lillia, on the other hand, is by far the finest four-legged marathon runner.

What is the explanation behind this?

Lillia has enhanced movement speed if she strikes her opponent, enabling her to dance and prance about them indefinitely (and kite and dodge all their attacks).

Her kit is filled with CC like slows, thus she can even stifle her opponents’ movement.

Lillia’s amusing and very mobile playstyle will win the hearts of any jungler.


5. Yasuo

Yasuo gameplay LoLImage Credit:

Yasuo is one of the game’s most mobile mid laners.

He possesses an infinite number of dashes, quick mobility, and a point-and-click ult that enables him to blink to the opponent and murder them if they are struck with CC.

However, Yasuo’s mobility comes at a cost: he has a very high skill cap.

But, hey, if you’re dead set on becoming a 10/0 Yasuo (and are willing to accept the fact that you’ll go 0/10 at least a dozen times while training him), he’s a terrific high mobility champion to study.


4. Akali

Akali LoL gameplayImage Credit:

Are you a sadist who gets a kick out of one-shotting your opponent whenever they return to lane?

If that’s the case, you’ll adore Akali.

She’s a nimble assassin that can leap into a combat, dispatch even the most squishy foe in a moment, and then flee without a scratch.

Akali’s kit, in addition to her mobility and tremendous burst damage, has a slew of slows that will keep even more nimble champions from escaping her devastating clutches.

She can also take advantage of almost any melee champion early on, enabling her to acquire lane priority and kill pressure right away.

While Akali is a versatile mobile assassin, she has a low skill ceiling and is susceptible to severe CC.

You’ll end yourself looking at a gray screen if you engage at the incorrect moment.


3. Irelia

Irelia LoL gameplay screenshotImage Credit:

Irelia is hell-bent on perfecting the skill of slicing the adversary as quickly (and gracefully) as possible.

As a result, it’s no wonder that she’s one of the game’s greatest high mobility champions.

She has the ability to swiftly weave in and out of combat, letting her to evade, kite, and follow down stragglers.

She also has a lot of utility, so even if she falls behind in lane, she may still be a viable high mobility champion.


2. Akshan

Akshan gameplay LoLImage Credit:

Akshan, the Rogue Sentinel, is on his way to the top of the list.

“Mobility” should be Akshan’s middle name. While swinging across the map with a grappling hook, he attacks his opponent.

Furthermore, whereas many mobility-granting abilities have a high cooldown, Akshan’s E ability has a 0.5-second cooldown if he scores a shutdown, enabling him to fly numerous times throughout a battle.

Akshan may use his fast mobility speed and ultimate to pursue down opponents in addition to his trusty grappling hook.

His ultimate lets him to lock on to an opponent and shoot at them regardless of their distance.

I guarantee that once you pick up the grappling hook, the Rift will never seem sluggish or uninteresting again!


Kassadin is number one.

Kassadin LoL gameplayImage Credit:

For their mobility, several of the champions on this list depend on unique “conditions.”

Talon requires topography, Yasuo need minion waves or close opponents, while Lillia requires magical dream dust to slap the adversary.

Kassadin, on the other hand? (Should I call you Kassawin?)

Nope. When he reaches level 6, he may blink to a different area numerous times in a row with a single button press.

The sole “condition” is his mana cost, which won’t be an issue after he acquires a few mana-giving items (and his W ability also makes his basic attacks restore mana).

But what makes Kassawin genuinely worthy of the number one spot?

The majority of high mobility champions are very difficult to master.

Kassadin is a champion who is surprisingly beginner-friendly.

So, yes, you can play Kassadin and have a good time without spending all of your evenings learning combinations in the practice tool.

Kassadin isn’t the most flashy champion in the world.

However, once he reaches his power peak, no other champion can match his mobility (and damage).

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The “high mobility supports lol” is a champion that can be played in many different roles. The champion has high mobility, which allows it to roam around the map and pressure other lanes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which ADC has the most mobility?

A: The ADC with the most mobility is Lucian.

Which champion has the most burst damage?

A: The most burst damage comes from the red champion Evelynn.

What does mobility mean in lol?

A: Mobility means the capacity to move freely, normally including locomotion and traversal of an environment.

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