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Pokémon has been a popular video game series since 1996 and is still going strong. The franchise has had many different iterations, including the upcoming Pokémon Sword and Shield games coming out this year. One of the most iconic elements of the series is its starter trio, which consists of three monsters that represent each type of Pokemon in the world.

The best starter pokemon competitive is a ranking of the best Pokémon that you can choose as your starter.

Every Pokémon journey begins with a single choice: Grass, Fire, or Water.

The trip starts in the same manner regardless of whatever area you pick.

And that’s a significant choice, since it will have an impact on your whole Pokémon experience!

However, not all starts are equal. The same may be said about your starting choices.

While you may have fond memories of a certain trio, the truth remains that some are superior than others. So, after much too much study, I’m ready to tell you about the finest starting trio.

And you may be surprised by the response.

In compiling this ranking, I’ll take into account not just their in-game utility versus gym leaders and the Elite 4, but also their competitive prowess.

You have to be able to cover both sides of that Pokémon coin to really be called the greatest starting trio of them all. So, without further ado, let’s start ranking these trios!


8. Totodile (Chikorita/Cyndaquil)

Pokemon HeartGold / SoulSilver Starters screenshot

If you’re shocked, raise your hand.

Because of the Chikorita series, Johto has by far the weakest beginning Pokémon in terms of stats.

Chikorita is a little bean with four legs. However, it is undeniably the least effective starting Pokémon.

It has no resistance to any of the gym leaders or Elite 4 members (really!) despite being weak or resisted by almost all of them.

And it’s just as terrible in terms of competition!

Cyndaquil and Totodile are somewhat better.

When paired with the move Eruption, the Cyndaquil line possesses excellent speed and a good Special Attack. It’s also the best of the three in-game choices.

The Totodile line isn’t nearly as good in-game, but it’s still competitively viable.

Its ability Sheer Force, along with Dragon Dance, gives it a very devastating late-game sweeper.

None of them, however, are really exceptional – especially when compared to the other starting Pokémon.


7. Snivy/Tepig/Oshawott/Snivy/Tepig/Oshawott/Snivy/

Pokemon Black and White Starters screenshot

The starters from Unova are perhaps the most underappreciated on this list.

And, although some of my personal favorites are the Black and White games, I can understand why.

All three starters are at a significant disadvantage in the game since they are vulnerable to or unable to withstand at least six of the key fights.

They’re also not very competitive.

With its poor defenses, the Oshawott line is never able to take use of the Shell Armor ability.

The Tepig line possesses tremendous Attack and excellent Fire/Fire STAB coverage, but it’s much too sluggish to really wreak havoc.

The Snivy line, on the other hand, has a very interesting strategy to play out.

Serperior may use the Contrary ability to constantly boost its Special Attack by spamming Leaf Storm. Serperior is a serious danger when combined with good speed and defenses.

This, however, does not compensate for the fact that none of these Pokémon are very helpful in-game.

With Whimsicott, Darmanitan, and Jellicent, you just have so many more choices.

That’s a terrible pity.


Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle

Pokemon FireRed Starters screenshot

This one is going to enrage a lot of folks.

However, facts are facts, and none of the Kanto starters are very excellent in-game.

This is especially true of the Charmander line, which has long been regarded as “hard mode” owing to its vulnerability to the first two gyms.

However, none of the other two starts are very impressive.

The Squirtle line is effective against three gym leaders, but it is blocked by two gym leaders and two Elite 4 members.

Even the Bulbasaur line, Kanto’s strongest starting option, has three “big teams” it is weak against and two more that resist it.

But I’m going to give credit where it’s due:

Competitively, all three Pokémon are competent.

All three have seen considerable competitive usage, particularly because Blastoise can now learn Shell Smash thanks to different Mega Evolutions and Gigantamax forms.

However, the Kanto three still need a great deal of assistance in-game.


5. Mudkip/Torchic/Treeko

Pokemon Emerald (ORAS) Starters screenshot

I’m not going to lie, I was hoping for a better score on this one.

My personal favorites are the Hoenn starters. And I like everything about their ideas and creations.

The statistics, on the other hand, do not lie.

And the truth is that Treeko, Torchic, and Mudkip as a trio aren’t as powerful as some others.

The Torchic and Mudkip lines are fantastic.

Mudkip, with its excellent Water/Ground dual-typing and only being weak to 2 or 3 Pokémon in the whole RSE/ORAS narrative, is clearly fantastic as well.

Mudkip Because of its size and the aforementioned dual-typing, it’s also a strong competitor.

Torchic is fantastic because Fire/Fighting is a fantastic dual-type.

This wipes out the Rock’s initial flaw and provides a lot greater coverage.

When you combine this with the amazing Speed Boost ability, which boosts the speed of the vehicle with every turn, you have a true force to be reckoned with.

Why isn’t the Hoenn trio ranked higher?

That’s because of the Treeko line, of course.

Treeko, Grovyle, and Sceptile all have fantastic designs. However, they are ineffective in-game or in competition.

Even Sceptile’s awesome-looking mega evolution is a letdown, despite the fact that it gets the Dragon-type!

Blaziken is a fantastic character. Swampert is a fantastic player. This group’s morale is severely harmed by Sceptile.


4. Sobble/Scorbunny/Grokey

Pokemon Sword and Shield Starter Options Screenshot

It’s now time to move on to the newcomers on the list (as of this writing). And what a fascinating bunch they are!

Sword and Shield seems well balanced in-game, and this trio has some very intriguing competitive uses.

With its excellent physical coverage and the ability Libero, which alters the Pokémon’s type depending on the move it’s employing, the Scorbunny line is a major danger.

This implies Cinderace will be able to use STAB Pyro Ball, High Jump Kick, and U-turn. That’s crazy!

The Grookey line, on the other hand, is the most unexpected. It can take use of priority Grassy Glide since it possesses the ability Grassy Surge. This is a powerful move that enables Rillaboom to inflict enormous damage before any other Pokémon can even get close to it.

These gorillas, like Wood Hammer and Fake Out, are game.

While the Sobble line is the least well-developed, it does offer a unique niche.

You have a critting machine when you combine its Sniper ability with a Scope Lens, Focus Energy, and Inteleon’s trademark move Snipe Shot. Plus, it’s the most effective in-game option!

All three of these openers are a lot of fun, and they’ll help us go to the top of the list.


3. Popplio/Litten/Rowlet

Pokemon Sun and Moon Starter Options Screenshot

Because there are no gyms in the seventh generation, ranking the Alolan starters was difficult.

Instead, I compared them to the Island Kahunas and the Elite 4.

I only counted the trainer once when there was overlap. In comparison to the 12 trainers seen in previous games, there are just 7 total trainers in this game.

Having saying that, all three of these starters perform well in games!

There are no trainers who can resist them since they have flawless STAB coverage. This is the only trio in which it occurs!

Rowlet is the weakest of the three since it isn’t very competitive and is outclassed by half of the Elite Four.

Popplio has advantageous type match-ups versus five of the seven main fights, which is unexpected! In reality, it’s only vulnerable to 5 Pokémon in total. That’s crazy!

The Litten line, however, is where the true power lies.

Incineroar is probably the greatest Pokémon in VGC, not just because of its performance in the game.

It’s utilized on nearly every competitive team because to its excellent Fire/Dark-typing, access to the ability Intimidate, and powerful techniques like Fake Out, Parting Shot, and Flare Blitz.

It’s no surprise that the Alolan Starters are in the top three here, with all three being excellent in-game and possessing one of the greatest competitive Pokémon of all time.


2. Chimchar/Piplup (Turtwig/Chimchar/Piplup)

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Starter Options Screenshot

I don’t know about you, but I’m excited about the remakes of Diamond and Pearl.

One of the major reasons for this is having access to one of the series’ finest starting trios.

The Turtwig line is arguably the weakest, but with STAB Earthquake and Wood Hammer, it strikes like a truck. It also has a massive physical presence.

The Chimchar line is a fan favorite that offers a unique mix of in-game performance and competitiveness.

It offers the same excellent coverage as the Torchic line, but it gets going right away. Its Iron Fist ability enables it to cover a large area with techniques like Ice and Thunder Punch.

Most significantly, Infernape’s ultimate evolution is by far the greatest Fire-type of its generation. This monkey is amazing!

But don’t dismiss the Piplup franchise just yet.

Empoleon, the ultimate form, possesses the unusual dual-type of Water/Steel. This implies it has a total of ten different resistances. That’s crazy!

And, since one of its vulnerabilities is already covered by STAB Water attacks, you just have to worry about Fighting and Electric Pokémon.

In-game and competitively, all three of these Pokémon are amazing.

There is, however, one trio that is superior.

Much, much better.


1. Fennekin/Froakie (Chespin/Fennekin/Froakie)

Pokemon X and Y Starters Screenshot

I was as taken aback as you are.

Yes, this trio includes Greninja, which, with its amazing speed and the skills Protean and Battle Bond, is perhaps the best beginning Pokémon of all time.

The other two Pokémon, on the other hand, more than hold their own.

Chespin, with its eventual Grass/Fighting dual-typing, is an underappreciated competitive Pokémon. With abilities like Spikes, Spiky Shield, and Leech Seed, it possesses a lot of physical mass and is an excellent utility Pokémon.

With Bulletproof, it also has a fantastic hidden ability. This eliminates the need for “ballistic” maneuvers.

While this may seem perplexing, it simply means that techniques like Shadow Ball, Sludge Bomb, and Aura Sphere cannot strike the Chespin line.

Fennekin, on the other hand, has to be the big surprise here.

Competitively, the Fennekin line has always been disregarded — and I understand why. Its stats aren’t very impressive, and its Magician ability is almost worthless.

Fennekin and all of its evolutions, on the other hand, are by far the greatest in-game starting Pokémon.

Not only can it tackle 5 of the most important trainers in the Kalos area, but the Fennekin line can also withstand 7 of them – and with its Fire/Psychic dual-typing, it has ideal coverage!

This means that no matter who you go up against, this starter will come in handy.

It came as a surprise to me. However, when both in-game and competitive play are taken into account, the Kalos starters are without a doubt the greatest starting trio in all of Pokémon.

Pokémon are one of the most popular video games in history. There are many different starter pokémon, but which ones are the best? All starter pokémon have strengths and weaknesses that make them unique, but what makes a good starter trio? This article ranks all of the starters in order from worst to first. Reference: all starter pokémon in order.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best 3 starter Pokémon?

Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle.

What is the best starter Pixelmon?

The best starter Pixelmon is the one that has a lot of spawners.

What is the best starter Pokémon in all of Pokémon?

The best starter Pokémon in all of Pokémon would be the most popular one, Pikachu.

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