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Sivir is a champion with many unique abilities, but seeing as they’re based around her weaponry she has a lot of skins to choose from. If you haven’t already tried them out or don’t know which one suits your needs best then this list will serve as the most comprehensive ranking ever made for League of Legends players.

The “sivir skin tier list” is a list of the best Sivir skins in League of Legends. The tier list was created by a user on reddit, and it ranks all of the skins based on their impact on gameplay.

Few things in life bring me as much delight as playing Sivir or Aram’s lethality.

But, let’s face it, our gal is in desperate need of a makeover.

We’ll have to make do with skins till that day arrives. Which ones, though, are the most worthwhile?

We’ll be looking at Sivir’s whole skin collection and grading each one based on pricing, features, and general attractiveness.


11. Sivir, the Spectacular

Riot Games is responsible for this image.

Released on June 8th, 2010 with a cost of 975 RP

This skin, on the other hand, is really remarkable — magnificently horrible.

Despite its high price, this skin offers virtually nothing. There are no new particles, effects, or animations, and the character models haven’t changed much.

Her crossblade resembles a starfish. Her armor, on the other hand, is almost non-existent.

Seriously, how are we still at a position where female warriors fight in their undergarments and high-heeled boots?

Although the splash art isn’t the worst on the list, it’s still far from satisfactory. Even for 520 RP, I don’t think this skin is worth buying, which is why it’s at the bottom of the list.


Bandit Sivir is number ten.

Bandit Sivir Skin Splash / LoLRiot Games is responsible for this image.

The 21st of March, 2011 was the day on which the film was released. The cost is 750 RP.

Bandit Sivir isn’t terrible, but it’s quite dull.

This skin, like the previous one, lacks any visual or audible effects. But it’s merely a modification in the character model.

The character model is also mediocre.

It attempts to make Sivir seem more edgy by adding a shoulder spike and making her weapon appear more deadly. However, when compared to the basic skin, you won’t notice much of a difference.

Plus, even 750 RP is a little excessive for such tiny modifications.

So I’d only recommend it if you enjoy the basic design and only want to wear a skin for the purpose of wearing one.


Sivir, the Warrior Princess

Warrior Princess Sivir Splash / LoLRiot Games is responsible for this image.

Released on April 27th, 2010 with a cost of 520 RP

I’d say this one is a bit of a mixed bag for me.

To begin with, I really enjoy her splash art. It doesn’t quite match with the character model or League of Legends in general, but I’m a weeb, so I like it.

The skin is strange in and of itself. It possesses the least intimidating weapon of the group (which is quite a feat given you’re up against an actual pizza), since it just looks bland and fragile.

I like the new armor since it’s really stylized. Her face, on the other hand, looks like it belongs in a PS2 game, which is not a favorable appearance.

Overall, I think the skin is really horrible, but I can see other anime nerds like me gravitating to it.


Sivir, the Huntress

Huntress Sivir Splash / LoLRiot Games is responsible for this image.

The 7th of February, 2011 was the date of release. Champion Bundle is available for purchase at a discounted price.

Whatever you may think of Huntress Sivir, she is the best in two categories.

It’s the most unusual skin of the group, since it’s the only one that entirely changes her weapon and turns it into a boomerang.

Second, this skin is revealing so much flesh that Evelynn’s pearls are clenched in surprise.

The boomerang concept was great, but I have to admit it looks a little strange in-game.

And although nakedness seems to be a positive thing, it isn’t. I believe we all know the sort of person that would be interested in this skin (granted no judgments here).


Sivir, the victorious

Victorious Sivir Skin Splash / LoLRiot Games is responsible for this image.

On November 12th, 2015, the film was released. Price: Reward with a Rank

In terms of Victorious skins, I think this one is really good.

It adds some yellows to the normal blues, as well as a fresh new recall and a very excellent character model modification for your E and R.

However, the recall makes it seem as though you’re doing a magic trick. It’s still a benefit, given how few Sivir skins provide anything at all.

You’re wearing some extremely wonderful yellow/blue/purple armor with a styled crown and a lovely crossblade in the new character model.

Just have a peek at it!

It nearly makes the weeks of ranking grinding worthwhile. Almost.

Overall, a good decision, but nothing to write home about.


Sivir, PAX / Neo PAX

Neo PAX Sivir Skin Splash / LoLRiot Games is responsible for this image.

The 25th of August, 2011 was the day on which the film was released. Code Redemption has a price.

The PAX skins are unusual in that they are among the most scarce in the game.

As a result, they’ll set you back an arm, a leg, your firstborn son, and a herd of sheep.

Having one of these skins, on the other hand, is an extreme flex.

But, price apart, the skin is rather distinctive.

This skin would have scored quite high regardless of the price, with a DDR-style blade, a cyberpunk costume, and new particle effects that genuinely make you feel like you’re zooming after hitting R.

The standard PAX Sivir is my favorite. But, because Neo PAX is genuinely available from time to time, I’ll give it the upper hand this time.

The final score is a cool and unusual ten.


5. Sivir, the Warden

Warden Sivir Skin Splash Art / LoLRiot Games is responsible for this image.

The 17th of February, 2015 was the date of publication. The cost is 750 RP.

That’s how you do a character makeover!

When your character model is this awesome, who needs fresh particles and effects?

You’re outfitted with a complete set of light but sturdy armor, as well as a crowned mask that gives you the appearance of an evil tyrant.

Even your weapon receives a significant boost, now resembling a metal sharp Sharingan.

I’d rather have a badass skin than a delicate one. So Warden Sivir has a particular place in my heart – and, all things considered, provides the most bang for your money.


4. Sivir’s Snowstorm

Snowstorm Sivir Skin Splash / LoLRiot Games is responsible for this image.

Date of Publication: December 19th, 2013 The price is 975 RP.

Now we’re getting down to the nitty-gritty.

Snowstorm Sivir is the only skin that can challenge Warden for the title of “greatest bang for your money,” since it provides the whole package at a fair price.

Snowflake particles appear on your Q and R, as well as a new backdrop animation in which you physically make it snow on yourself while listening to Christmas music.

The character model is also fantastic!

Your weapon is a massive snowflake that appears like it may decapitate you, and your outfit is both warm and distinctive.

I honestly do not have any complaints about this skin.

It was only demoted to this place since Riot had other skins with significantly better content!


3. Sivir Pizza Delivery

Pizza Delivery Sivir Skin Splash / LoLRiot Games is responsible for this image.

Date of Publication: March 29th, 2018 1350 RP is the price.

This is a fantastic joke skin that was executed well.

I’m not sure how I’m going to accomplish it. “That is a pizza,” I never thought when I saw Sivir’s weapon. But now I’ll never be able to forget it.

And it just so happens to work!

As you may expect, your outfit is that of a standard pizza delivery worker. And all of your skills have been given new textures to make them more pizza-like.

It looks more like grease than anything else, but it still works.

You’re getting ready for your first delivery in the new background animation. And in the 1990s, the splash image was at the start of every pornographic film.

And my only gripes are that you don’t receive a homeguard motion for your delivery bike, and that the pizza simply vanishes when you use your dancing emote.

But these are small quibbles.

Overall, this is a skin that is well worth your money.


2. Sivir’s Blood Moon

Blood Moon Sivir Skin Splash / LoLRiot Games is responsible for this image.

The 10th of January, 2019 was the date of publication. 1350 RP is the price.

Blood Moon Sivir has just one flaw in my opinion: the look of your weapon while you’re merely holding it.

However, there are so many good things I can say about the skin that it still gets a high rating.

To begin with, the new character model seems to be incredibly clean and menacing, which is always a good thing. Your Q and E seem to be much more strong than they do in practically any other skin, and your E and R appear to be pure magic.

Especially the little blood splatters that follow you about when you’re wearing your R.

The backdrop animation, though, is without a doubt the skin’s most appealing feature.

It never gets old because it’s spooky and awesome.


1. Sivir, Odyssey

Odyssey Sivir Skin Splash / LoLRiot Games is responsible for this image.

On October 15th, 2020, the film will be released. 1350 RP is the price.

Odyssey is my favorite Sivir skin since it’s the only one that makes me feel like a true badass bounty hunter.

True, it’s a cyberpunk bounty hunter from the future, but my argument still remains!

I get strong Hange Zoe vibes from the character model and splash art, which is always a positive. This skin is also incredibly refined in terms of animations and effects.

Your Q and W are as powerful as they were in Blood Moon. Your E and R also have a futuristic sense about them.

As you sprint about in your ult, you even get a small neon trail!

In addition, your weapon seems to be high-tech and lethal, and the color palette is pleasing and unique throughout.

There are no complaints about this skin.

Note that this material was made utilizing Riot Games’ “Legal Jibber Jabber” policy and Riot Games’ assets. This project is neither endorsed or sponsored by Riot Games.

The “neo pax sivir” is a skin that has been released for Sivir. It is an old skin but it has been recently re-released and is one of the best skins in League of Legends.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the rarest sivir skin?

A: The most rare and the least common skin for Sivir is her Hextech Revolution Skin. It was only available during a sale in December of 2017.

Is Odyssey sivir a good skin?

A: It is a good skin, but not the best.

Is Blood Moon sivir good?


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