What does this mean for the future of Wallapop?

Wallapop is a mobile marketplace founded in 2013 that provides a platform for users to buy and sell everything from music to cars. The company was recently the target of an investment by Korelya Capital, a European venture capital firm.

Wallapop can expand its services to reach more customers and explore new markets. This article will provide an overview of Wallapop and analyze the implications of Korelya Capital’s investment.

Hogan Lovells advises Korelya Capital on its investment in Wallapop

Wallapop is a Spain-based mobile app that allows users to buy and sell products locally. The idea for the app came about in 2013 when co-founders Xavi and Agus noticed how many people around them had trouble selling items they no longer wanted. As a result, they founded Wallapop, a user-friendly platform allowing users to easily list and buy used products in their vicinity.

Since its launch, Wallapop has become one of the most popular apps in Spain. It has over 11 million active users and is available as an iOS and Android app. Wallapop is also used throughout Europe in countries such as the UK, France, Italy, and Germany.

The app features various features designed to make buying and selling on Wallapop easy for everyone. For instance, it offers an auto-suggest feature that suggests categories for items users list based on its description so buyers can easily find what they are looking for. It also includes built-in payment options such as PayPal and Apple Pay so sellers are paid quickly while buyers don’t have to worry about carrying cash around or dealing with complicated bank transfers.

As Wallapop continues to grow it remains to be seen how this innovative platform will continue to shape how people buy and sell items in their local neighborhoods.

Description of Wallapop’s business model

Wallapop is an online shopping platform used primarily by consumers to buy direct from sellers located in their local area. It works on a peer-to-peer basis, meaning that users can list and purchase items directly from each other. This allows both parties to avoid costly retail shop fees and provides flexible timing for deliveries or meet-ups.

Wallapop’s business model is focused on providing a seamless customer experience that encourages repeat purchases and trust through its brand safety protocols. Wallapop has also implemented a B2B layer, allowing businesses of all sizes to join the platform and sell their products directly to customers in a targeted fashion. This has been beneficial in helping reduce the cost of traditional marketing, allowing businesses to maximize their profits and increase efficiency.

More recently, Wallapop has added services such as payments, delivery, customer support and logistics to offer end-to-end eCommerce solutions for buyers and sellers on its platform. This provides convenience for customers who can receive payments quickly without worrying about authentication or security checks.

Overall, Wallapop’s constantly evolving business model looks set to drive further growth in its user base and more efficient operations at retailers across the globe – providing an enriched customer experience all round!

Korelya Capital’s Investment

Korelya Capital’s investment in Wallapop, advised by Hogan Lovells, further cement’s the company’s presence in the market and points to a positive and prosperous future. This investment brings in the experience and expertise of a renowned and respected law firm, and will help the Wallapop team navigate the complexities of the market and stay ahead of the curve.

Let’s take a deeper look at the impact of the investment and what it means for the company.

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Details of the investment

Korelya Capital, a venture capital firm based in Paris, recently announced an €85 million investment in Wallapop, an online marketplace for buying and selling second-hand goods. This marks the largest-ever single financial transaction for a Spanish startup.

The investment comes as Wallapop continues to grow as an industry leader in Spain and is expanding internationally. This will enable the company to accelerate their growth plans into other European markets and beyond by strengthening their team and technology infrastructure. Furthermore, this allows the company to focus on offering its users more payment options, product categories and promotional campaigns.

In addition to their investment in Wallapop, Korelya Capital has also invested over €100 million into twelve other related companies which have helped secure a strong presence in Spain’s tech industry. With this injection of funds, Wallapop has become one of the main beneficiaries of this high profile venture capital deal and is positioned to significantly increase its reach beyond its home market.

This strategic move provides immense hope for Wallapop’s future growth and development and strengthened prospects for the Spanish tech startup scene overall.

Impact of the investment

The investment from Korelya Capital shows Wallapop’s continued commitment to meeting the needs of their users. In addition, the new funds will enable Wallapop to expand their product offering and move closer to being an all-encompassing second-hand marketplace.

Korelya Capital is a venture firm that assists European companies in creating long lasting, successful networks by embracing digital ecosystems like eCommerce and social media platforms. They tend to invest in innovative companies that are well positioned for growth.

This investment will have a major impact on Wallapop’s future, helping the company build out its customer experience and product offering while providing it with much-needed resources like international teams and mentorship. With this extra capital and support, Wallapop can focus on becoming the premier second-hand marketplace with features such as in-app transactions, delivery solutions and location-based services.

The impact of this injection of capital is expected to be felt soon as Wallapop seeks to grow its customer base through expansion into new markets, improved user acquisition strategies and increased user engagement with its platform. By improving their core offerings around trustworthiness, convenience and competitive pricing through these funds, Wallapop can help create a better market for buying things online tailored to each consumer’s wants and needs.

Hogan Lovells Advising

Hogan Lovells, an international law firm, advises Korelya Capital on its investment in Wallapop. This strategic investment will enable Wallapop to expand its capabilities and reach new markets, making it even more competitive.

What does this mean for the future of Wallapop? Let’s take a look.

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Role of Hogan Lovells in the investment

Hogan Lovells is a global law firm with a dynamic, dedicated multidisciplinary practice advising clients across an extensive range of industries. With offices in the United States, Europe, South America and Asia Pacific, Hogan Lovells has the reach and expertise to handle the most sophisticated legal matters on an international scale.

In October 2020, Hogan Lovells announced that it had advised Spain-based Wallapop in its recently formed strategic partnership with Ant Group, which is part of international technology conglomerate Alibaba Group. Ant made the investment as part of a series of investments in European companies. Madrid-based corporate partner Jorge Calderón led the Hogan Lovells team. In addition, it included financial regulatory partners Samuel Unterreiner and María José Zaldívar from Beijing and Miami respectively, who coordinated extensively with their US colleagues on specific aspects of the deal from securities compliance to US export control restrictions on potential transactions involving US persons or entities.

In addition to legal advice related to the transaction, Hogan Lovells provided multijurisdictional advice across various areas such as data protection/GDPR compliance in Spain; German financial market regulation; French privacy requirements; Brazilian consumer law compliance; as well as advice regarding antitrust/competition rules throughout Europe. Throughout the process leading up to completion of the deal, the Hogan Lovells team was able to bring together experts from both within and outside of their firm to ensure that applicable laws were identified promptly and dealt with thoroughly by their lawyers worldwide.

The investment represents significant growth for Wallapop – signaling future expanded growth opportunities for both Wallapop users and investors who took part in this initiative – making it clear that Hogan Lovells’ efforts toward legal advice paid off significantly for those involved in this transaction.

What the investment means for Hogan Lovells

Hogan Lovells is a global law firm based in Washington DC. Founded in 1920, the firm recently announced an investment into Wallapop, a rapidly growing Spanish “buy and sell” app. With Hogan Lovells’ investment, the company solidifies its role as an international legal counselor for corporate technology companies and new venture-backed start-ups.

By investing in Wallapop, Hogan Lovells advances its position as a premier leader in digital innovation for companies seeking expansion into the U.S., Europe, and beyond. The goal is to help Wallapop remain competitive, secure additional talent and build upon existing legal infrastructure to ensure their continued success in a saturated market of challengers worldwide (namely China and India).

The company’s move means that it can provide expert advice on data privacy, technology transfer agreements, and international regulatory requirements when collaborating with other countries or expanding into new markets within Europe. Ultimately, this will allow them to respond quickly to business opportunities effectively while minimizing potential liabilities and protecting their reputation under the ever-changing global legal landscape.

By investing in Wallapop early on, Hogan Lovells demonstrates foresight by leveraging its extensive network connections far beyond geographical boundaries and recognizing the long-term value of new venture start-ups like Wallapop now–and well into the future.

Implications of the Investment

The recent announcement of Hogan Lovells advising Korelya Capital on its investment into Wallapop has generated much interest from the market. This investment leads to speculation about the future of Wallapop and the implications for both Korelya Capital and the company itself.

In this article, we will delve into the implications of this investment on the future of Wallapop.

Impact on Wallapop’s future

Wallapop’s recent investment of $560 million has caused much speculation regarding the implications this could have on the company’s future. This influx of capital may enable Wallapop to expand into new markets, increasing its user base and having a global reach. It will also provide additional resources for product development, allowing Wallapop to create new products and services that meet customer needs. Additionally, this funding could be used to increase the salaries of employees’ salaries and support innovation initiatives such as research and development efforts.

This investment could help Wallapop significantly improve its overall customer journey and user experience by creating features such as more personalized advertisements that target specific customers. This could help boost customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty and provide a better experience for all users. Additionally, further resources can be allocated toward marketing activities, influencing brand recognition and reputation.

In conclusion, with this significant funding injection into Wallapop there is potential for major growth that can lead to incredible success in the coming years dependent on how efficiently these funds are allocated towards positive outcomes that are beneficial to both their customers and shareholders alike.

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Impact on the marketplace industry

The recent major investment in Wallapop by Japanese investor SoftBank has implications for the company and other players in the marketplace industry. The move is expected to shake up competition and put pressure on other leading second-hand marketplaces such as eBay, OfferUp and LetGo.

Softbank’s capital injection will soon bring Wallapop into a competitive position with its rivals. This is likely to disrupt the status quo, as most marketplace companies make money through commission fees on online sales. Without this protection, it will be difficult for competitors to remain profitable despite differential pricing strategies.

Wallapop’s new financial clout will also give it access to greater resources, allowing it to fight more aggressively against rival businesses in areas such as marketing or product/service development. This should give consumers more choice when choosing which platform best meets their buying and selling needs.

Further still, SoftBank’s investment could spur an increase in venture capital investment within the sector – potentially ushering further consolidation of existing players and new entrants into the space. Ultimately this could improve the user experience and create increased profit potential for whatever business comes out on top – signals that could prove attractive to prospective investors looking for returns over time.


The recent announcement that the international law firm Hogan Lovells is advising Korelya Capital on its investment in Wallapop indicates that Wallapop is rapidly scaling up its operations. This financial backing from a well respected firm guarantees that Wallapop is growing quickly and will help the company continue expanding into the future.

In this article, we will discuss what this means for the future of Wallapop.

Summary of the investment

Wallapop, a leading mobile marketplace for local buyers and sellers based in Valencia, Spain, recently closed an additional $160 million round of funding. Most of the financing came from new investors Insight Venture Partners, Atomico and Accel Partners, with the company’s existing investors 14W and GGM also participating in the round. This investment was made to further Wallapop’s international expansion in Europe and Latin America and reassure its current users that it is a reliable shopping platform.

The investment will be used to improve Wallapop’s technology infrastructure while continuing to invest in features like its location-based search and chat messaging capabilities; tools which it believes provide superior convenience for buyers and sellers over web-based marketplaces. This should enable Wallapop to build upon its success as one of the world’s most active classifieds apps and carve out new markets with its unique approach to localized recommendations.

In addition, it will be looking at the UK market as an attractive option for expansion given the large proportion of UK consumers who already shop for goods online across many different digital platforms. As such, this latest investment has certainly put Wallapop in good stead for growth over the coming years and beyond.

Final thoughts on the investment

Wallapop is a popular peer-to-peer mobile app used by millions of consumers. It is a US-based startup that allows users to purchase or sell items within their geographical location.

A Chinese investor group’s recent investment in Wallapop marks another big milestone for the company and has seen its presence expand into new geographic markets such as China. This opens up opportunities to further increase international users of the product, enticing more people to use the platform and expanding its reach in China.

It is too early to tell what impact this investment will have on the future of Wallapop, however, it does signal an encouraging trend for mobile commerce platforms like this one and could potentially provide an interesting alternative monetization model for Wallapop.

As with any successful product, risks and opportunities are associated with any investments made in Wallapop. It remains to be seen if this investment will enable Wallapop to reach new heights or face obstacles that may negatively affect its growth in foreign markets. It provides an interesting case study in developing global digital products and services that rely on user adoption rates over various locations and regions.

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