GTA 5: Map Locations Revealed

In this article, I’ll guide you through the maze that is GTA 5, pointing out the precise locations of these coveted spaceship parts. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newbie, I’m confident you’ll find this guide invaluable. So, buckle up and get ready to embark on an exciting journey through the sprawling virtual city of Los Santos.

Spaceship Parts: What are they?

In the world of Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5), spaceship parts represent one of the many collectibles scattered throughout the city of Los Santos.

Primarily, spaceship parts serve to unlock a specific side mission, ‘The Spaceship Part Collector’. This mission, given by the character Omega after Mines, nudges players towards the exhilarating task of collecting 50 spaceship parts. They’re scattered throughout the urban expanse of Los Santos and its surrounding wilderness, hidden in back alleys, atop high-rise buildings, deep within mines, and sometimes even underwater.

Interestingly, the spaceship parts aren’t inherently visible. Players must listen for a distinct humming noise as an audio cue, coupled with a subtle controller vibration if they’re close to one. Taking the narrative premise into consideration, these parts belong to a crashed spaceship.

Understanding the Spaceship Parts in GTA 5


Delving deeper into spacecraft parts, it’s clear these aren’t ordinary collectibles. Dictated by game mechanics, noticing a distinct humming sound and a controller vibration signify the proximity to a part. In the complex urban sprawl of Los Santos, these auditory cues act as lighthouses guiding players towards these parts, stashed in tricky corners, rooftops, underground passages, or hidden in plain view. This environment interaction showcases the depth of the open-world design implemented by Rockstar Games in GTA 5.

The distribution of the spaceship parts throughout Los Santos – a sprawling urban sandbox – encourages non-linear exploration. Each part’s location isn’t random but carefully chosen. They’re often tucked away on less traversed paths, away from the bustling city center. Notable instances, for example, include a part hidden under a bridge in El Burro Heights or nestled within the cable car station on Mount Chiliad. The variety in the locations targets different skill sets, rendering it challenging yet compelling.

In essence, spaceship parts in GTA 5 serve more than a scavenger hunt. They blend immersive environment interaction, encourage exploration, add narrative depth, and foremost, reward the player with a unique vehicle.

Spaceship parts gta 5 map locations

Across sandy beaches, atop skyscrapers, within obscure passageways, below bridges or submerged in rivers, the spaceship parts exist. A map with proper references, marked with peculiar pointers, proves instrumental in this extensive scavenger hunt.


For waterlogged parts, I recommend acquiring a diving suit for easier retrieval – one hidden underwater is by the pier in Del Perro, another near the lighthouse in Mount Gordo. As for high-altitude locations, the parachutes available throughout Los Santos prove helpful. One such example includes a spaceship part perched atop a hill near the Vinewood sign.

By using this guide and understanding the map in detail, even the most distant or inaccessible parts become within reach. It’s a journey through the grit of the city, the expanse of the wilderness, and the depths of waters, leading to a surprising, rewarding result. Always keep your ears open for the tell-tale sounds signalling a nearby spaceship part, and remember – it’s not just about finding, but about exploring the vibrant map of Los Santos to its fullest.

Cheat Sheets: Quick Reference Maps for Spaceship Parts

These spaceship parts aren’t just collectibles; they’re integral to the GTA 5 narrative and our gaming experience. They provide a deeper sense of immersion and a sense of achievement that goes beyond merely finishing quests.

Remember, understanding the map is key. It’s your cheat sheet, your quick reference guide to finding these parts. Keep exploring, keep discovering, and keep enjoying the diverse landscapes of Los Santos. After all, it’s not just about the destination, but the journey too. Happy gaming!

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