Top Picks for Open-World Enthusiasts

If you’re like me, you’ve spent countless hours immersed in the gritty, chaotic world of Grand Theft Auto (GTA). But what happens when you’ve completed every mission and explored every alleyway? It’s time to broaden your horizons.

The Success Story of Grand Theft Auto (GTA)

Rockstar Games, the creators of the franchise, weaved an engaging storyline in each game installment. The adventures ranging from the fictional cities of Liberty City, Vice City, and the state of San Andreas keep players engrossed for hours on end. Solid character development, coupled with memorable narratives, contributed to the series becoming a cultural phenomenon. This unprecedented popularity transcends countries, garners millions of players worldwide and raises gaming standards.

GTA distinguished itself with the immersive 3D environment and the freedom of choice offered to players, a pioneering move at the time. Players could explore expensive cities, interact with various non-playable characters, and undertake missions at their own pace. This open-world formula stuck, resulting in spin-offs and successors striving to replicate GTA’s charisma, and in the process creating an entirely new game genre.

Gta like games


First on the list is “Saints Row IV”. In this game, I discovered a wild mix of humor and action, reminiscent of GTA’s distinctive blend but with additional layers. Saints Row IV offers a vast, vibrant world that integrates unconventional weapons and superhuman abilities, resulting in a unique gameplay dynamic.

Secondly, “Watch Dogs 2” caught my attention. It boasts a futuristic world where hacking is the main tool for players. This game banks heavily on its novel premise, stepping away from GTA’s criminal underworld while maintaining the open-world exploration aspect.

Next in line is “Just Cause 3”, a game where I enjoyed a sense of boundless adventure and excitement. It heavily emphasizes destruction and chaotic action, echoing GTA’s high-octane thrill but with an even grander scale of spectacle and freedom.

“Sleeping Dogs” represents another noteworthy GTA like game. It stands apart through its focus on hand-to-hand combat and a compelling narrative set in Hong Kong, offering both variety and depth in its gameplay.

Each of these games, while echoing the brilliance of GTA, adds a unique flavor to the open-world genre. They present varying themes, styles, gameplay mechanics, and narratives, creating diverse experiences for players. While GTA continues to reign with its robust features and immersive universe, these GTA like games also carry the torch, propelling the open-world genre toward new horizons.

Character Development and Progression


Diving deeper into “GTA-like” games, we can’t miss the significance of character development and progression. These elements not only fuel narrative immersion but also bestow players with a sense of accomplishment and personal investment.

“Watch Dogs 2” extends player progression with the Profiler and the Hacker abilities. Profiler allows players to obtain information about NPCs for more meaningful interactions, underscoring the game’s dedication to immersive character encoding. The potent Hacker ability enriches narrative progression, and is instrumental in complex puzzle-solving, steadily unlocking as the player advances – providing a sense of growth that reflects in gameplay and narrative.

Each of these games introduces innovative progression systems, diverging from the leveled character development in GTA, while still managing to emulate its thrill and freedom. The result: unique narratives that engage players, keeping them invested for hours on end.

The Future of GTA Like Games

So, there you have it. We’ve taken a deep dive into the world of games that mirror the magic of Grand Theft Auto. Games like “Saints Row IV,” “Watch Dogs 2,” “Just Cause 3,” “Sleeping Dogs,” and “Red Dead Redemption 2” have shown us that the open-world genre is far from being exhausted. They’ve taken the core elements that make GTA great and spun them into their own unique narratives, offering fresh takes on character progression and player freedom. They’re proof that the future of open-world, GTA-like games is bright, and I can’t wait to see where this genre takes us next.

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