Montech Has Announced New Budget Casing Series, the AIR 1000

Montech has announced a new series of budget case fans. The Air 1000 is the first release in this line and comes with many features like RGB, 3 speed adapters and more. Check out our review to see if it’s worth your money!

The “montech air 1000 lite” is a budget casing series that was announced by Montech. The new case is the lightest ever made, weighing in at only 1kg.

Montech Has Announced New Budget Casing Series, the AIR 1000


Montech, a Taiwanese manufacturer of computer components and accessories, has announced the launch of its new AIR 1000 PC case line. The PREMIUM, LITE, and SILENT casings are all new to the Montech AIR 1000 series. With prices beginning at $69.99, all three shells are aimed at budget gamers and PC users.

For the PREMIUM, there are two front panels (glass and mesh), all-around dust filters, and high airflow for the LITE, and soundproof panels for the SILENT. The most expensive case is $95.99, but depending on the version, you may purchase one for as little as $69.99. Each case is designed for a certain sort of PC user, allowing for a broad variety of configurations.

The AIR 1000 PREMIUM is the top-of-the-line model, with a tool-free, readily detachable construction. It has a glass front panel as well as a mesh front panel for better ventilation within the box. You may choose the ideal one for you based on your demands and design preferences. Both the glass and mesh design panels are included with the case for your convenience, so you won’t have to buy them separately. It comes in black or white and includes 3x 140mm (front) and 1x 120mm (rear) pre-installed ARGB fans as well as a control hub.



The AIR 1000 LITE comes with 3x 120 high-flow fans and an easily replaceable front mesh panel (2x front, 1x rear). The front mesh panel and two apertures on the front panel guarantee that this case is all about ventilation. It comes in two colors: black and white, and it has dust filters on both the top and bottom of the casing.



Finally, with Black as the only color option, the AIR 1000 SILENT edition is great for stealth projects. It has 3x120mm silent fans (2 front, 1 rear) and side panels with high soundproofing vinyl material, ensuring a quiet system even in sound recording studios.



Aside from these unique characteristics, the whole series has certain typical features including a pushpin mechanism for rapid and tool-free front panel replacement. In all situations, a side dust filter is included, which may be readily removed by sliding it out from behind the front panel. Behind the motherboard tray, there are rubber grommets and various tie points to aid cable management. The front of the box may accommodate a 360 radiator, and the PREMIUM and LITE models come with tempered glass on a swivel side panel for easy access to the interior.

The following are some of the key characteristics of the new AIR 1000 series casings:

  • 2x front panels (mesh and glass), 3x 140mm (front) and 1x 120mm (rear) ARGB fans, and an ARGB control hub are included with the AIR 1000 PREMIUM.
  • AIR 1000 LITE – 3x120mm high-flow fans and a detachable front mesh panel emphasis on airflow.
  • AIR 1000 SILENT – Includes 3x120mm silent fans and a sound-dampening vinyl paint.
  • Supports up to 360 front-mounted radiators, has an unique quick-slide front dust filter, is tool-free and simple to remove the front panel, and has a swivel full-glass side panel (except the Silent edition).

If you’re interested in purchasing the new AIR 1000 case, all of the versions are now available at Newegg, and you can learn more about the casings by visiting Montech’s official website. White models of both the AIR 1000 Silent and the AIR 1000 PREMIUM will be released at a later date.

What are your thoughts on Montech’s new AIR 1000 series casings? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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Montech has announced the new budget casing series, the AIR 1000. This case is a mesh design and will be released in black and blue colors. Reference: montech air 900 mesh review.

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