Workshop Heroes – Junkenstein’s Revenge

Workshop Heroes is a fast-paced, action packed FPS that has players fighting against the hordes of enemies in order to save humanity. A new single player mode called Junkenstein’s Revenge will see players taking on an all new story with familiar characters from past games.

The “junkenstein’s revenge all heroes” is a game that allows players to control the four heroes of the game. The game is set in an alternate reality where the Nazis won World War II. Players must fight their way through waves of enemies, while trying to save as many civilians as possible.

I’ve created a new version of Junkenstein’s Revenge to take advantage of the Halloween fun in Overwatch! This game mode includes a diverse cast of characters, each with their own special skills and attributes! Form a formidable three-person squad to face Junkenstein and his pals on Legendary Difficulty, each with their own unique abilities!

This will be a lengthy article since I wanted to show off all of the hero powers I created – it took a lot of time and work, but I’m extremely happy with how it plays and, more importantly, how balanced the gamemode is! I’m grateful for whatever attention this topic may create!

Note that, in addition to the abilities/features listed above, all Heroes/Villains’ stats have been somewhat altered!



  • Siphon Healing: Ana may now heal herself for half of the healing she gives to allies. Concentrate on keeping your buddies alive while while staying in the battle!
  • Ana’s scoped bullets are now twice as powerful at destroying foes and healing teammates, but they use twice as much ammo!


  • Overshields: Baptiste’s Immortality Field is a useful utility for rescuing oneself or friends in a need. It now now gives temporary protection to assist you in getting back on your feet, which becomes better the longer you remain in the field!
  • Baptiste’s Amplification: A Window of Opportunity The Matrix is a formidable skill, but it was frequently difficult to properly exploit as a team. It’s more harder to charge now, but it lasts three times as long!


  • Bastion is a walking armament who towers above his former self. He has better armour and stronger weapons, but he lacks speed and maneuverability! He has great damage-inflicting abilities, but he needs constant protection to compensate for the harm he can’t prevent.
  • While battling in Recon Mode, Bastion may now fire a volley of rockets from his torso. Make the most of this Barrage’s and his Turret’s combined might!


  • Doomfist’s ability cooldowns have been been reduced, allowing him to jump across the battlefield and strike foes from any direction. He’s at his finest, however, when he’s punishing the Villains that cross his path, capable of knocking any of them out with a powerful blow!
  • Uppercut: Use repeated punches to knock them out of their wits, staggered them until they collapse!


  • Echo 2.0: With exceptionally agile and rapid flying speeds and deadly damage, Echo gets all-new ability numbers!
  • Echo is no longer the susceptible victim she used to be. Duplicating makes her invisible, allowing her to become nothing more than a mirage of devastation in the guise of her foe!


  • Ninjutsu: Genji no longer has to lurk in the dark to battle. He assumes a wraith-like form while sprinting at an adversary to escape harm and recover a part of his own strength.
  • Bleed: Who says you need bullets to kill? All of Genji’s close-range weapons (Dash, Melee, and Dragonblade) inflict critical hits against Villains, causing them to bleed.


  • Increased knockback with Soundwave while traveling at faster speeds due to inertia.
  • Lucio’s greatest power is his ability to access the Speed Force. He gets more strong as he charges more power into his Ultimate Ability! His Charge affects his movement speed, healing dealt, damage dealt, and projectile speed.
  • Speed Force (Ultimate Charge): With a blast of tremendous energy from Sound Barrier, drop to the earth. Lucio focuses for a few seconds, using all of his energy and tapping into the Speed Force to freeze time and raise his strength to new heights. An electrifying aura surrounds you, boosting your Movement Speed, Healing Dealt, Damage Dealt, and Projectile Speed to unimaginable heights! While foes seem to be locked in time, you may travel over the area at breakneck speed to help them or join the conflict.


  • Permafrost: While it takes longer to freeze foes, Mei’s new Endothermic Blaster may freeze them to their core — and keep them frozen for longer! This freezing ability works in tandem with her Blizzard to make even the most strong Villains defenseless for a brief period of time.
  • Frozen in Fear: Mei is most successful at utilizing her abilities to boost the team’s survivability or teamwork versus grouped-up adversaries, while not being the most powerful damage-dealer in the game. In addition, when Frozen, Villains now take more damage.


  • Orisa’s weapon, the Fusion Driver, has always been strong yet unwieldy. Recent modifications have enabled the weapon to increase its own power while shooting, boosting damage and speed until it becomes a flurry of deadly bullets!
  • Orisa often depends on her Barrier to protect herself and her teammates. That isn’t enough when you’re up against Junkenstein’s Revenge’s legion of adversaries and villains! Fortify now reduces damage taken even more and provides Orisa with fast bursts of healing for the duration of the effect.


  • Reinhardt is a juggernaut, stronger and harder than ever. Reinhardt’s increased armour not only allows him to inflict more powerful punches, but it also makes him tougher and larger than before!
  • Reinhardt’s Armour Core now super-heats the molten plasma that makes up Firestrike, causing Reinhardt to hesitate for a minute before an explosive burst propels Firestrike forward, easily cutting through opposing lines.
  • Reinhardt’s stature and weight have risen, thus he walks more slowly than previously. This isn’t the case with his Charge ability, which propels him ahead like a rocket! Thankfully, Reinhardt can squat in the middle of a charge to apply the brakes and come to a complete stop.


  • Sigma has finally unlocked the secret to comprehending the limitations of Gravity — and then shattered them. He has complete freedom of movement and can simply fly at will. (To fly down, kneel, and to fly up, leap.)
  • Barrier Expanse: When Sigma’s Barrier is activated, it expands over time, giving an unrivaled level of protection!

Soldier 76 is a fictional character.

  • Soldier 76 was born for battle, and this isn’t his final battle. He gets a shot of adrenaline-fueled wrath when he utilizes his Tactical Visor, which boosts his speed, durability, damage, and healing while he’s active! It may be a basic instrument, but it is as effective as any other.


  • Safekeeping: Sombra is a competent attacker, but fighting isn’t always the best option. Sombra can treat to her wounds on the go while invisible, allowing her to remain alive long enough to keep herself and her squad in the battle.
  • Technological Surge: An EMP strike is always helpful when confronting waves of Omnic minions or a dreadful Villain with tremendous powers. This time, Sombra’s EMP may augment the attack strength of her allies while also recharging their abilities!


  • Widowmaker’s mission as the team’s lone sniper isn’t to deal with Junkenstein’s minions in ever-increasing waves. Widow’s main mission is to choose the most deadly opponents and knock them out with a well-placed headshot. If she maintains her calm, she can strike a series of punches that will knock even the most strong opponents down on their backs – for good.
  • Adrenal Perception: Infra-Sight is a crucial ability that ensures Widowmaker can see her targets at all times. When she uses this talent at the correct time, she – and her team – will have the opportunity to make the shot count.


  • Swelling Rage: Winston is a versatile hero capable of springing to the rescue and protection of comrades, as well as hunting down adversaries that threaten the castle’s integrity. When Winston sees red, though, there is only one thing he can do. Winston develops in height and strength, springing recklessly at foes and flinging them about the area, away from people he needs to defend. Even The Monster of Junkenstein, the behemoth, may be pushed away from the doors!

Ball of Wreckage

  • Kinetic Driver: Wrecking Ball offers a lot of versatility and application. Despite his amazing quad-cannons, his most lethal weapon is the Kinetic Driver, which allows his mech to do progressively intense damage to foes based on his velocity!
  • Kinetic Driver is more than just an attacking ability with Adaptive Shields: Kinetic Driver. It powers his complete mech-suit, including his shielding capabilities! Hammond creates additional shields the quicker he moves — this time for himself and his pals!


  • Blessed: Zenyatta’s Harmony Orb provides soothing healing to friends all around the battlefield, and now Blessed Allies may also heal people around them!
  • Any ally who has been gifted with Zenyatta’s Harmony Orb has the ability to flee to safety by seeking healing! Zenyatta will bring them to his side automatically, healing them in the process.
  • Transcendence is a strong ability that not only keeps your squad alive, but it also burns adversaries on fire, draining the demonic lifeforce from their souls!
  • Afterlife: Zenyatta has learned many things through the Iris’ path, but maybe none more potent than the capacity to defy death itself. If Zenyatta has the will, he may invoke Transcendence to bring him back to life and give him the strength to battle on!


The Grim Reaper

  • Shadow of Death: The Reaper is a terrifying opponent that may vanish into invisible darkness at any time. He has a bad history of doing this, so use caution while launching your most powerful assaults! He is immune to your weapons even while executing the deadly Death Blossom.

Junkenstein’s Monster

  • The ground trembles in the presence of the Behemoth. Junkenstein’s dreadful invention is bathed in toxic gases, which restores his vigor and boosts his might! Kill him as soon as possible, or he’ll develop into a bigger, more dangerous foe than you’re ready to confront.

The Dragon is a fantastic creature.

  • Fiery End: The Dragon is a fearsome foe with an arsenal of tricks under her sleeve. Be wary: even if you believe you’ve won, she’s planning on having the final laugh. She will explode with the most devastating of explosive strikes when she dies!

Junkenstein, Dr.

  • Dr. Junkenstein is a deranged and desperate man bent on destruction and experimentation. He’ll do everything to win, and the closer he gets to loss, the more deadly and unpredictable he becomes!

The Witch

  • Angel of Death: Dr. Junkenstein’s most powerful ally, the Witch is capable of performing spells to keep her horde of Villains alive and under her command. Her staff, which sprouts wings of fire that envelop her surrounds, will cure all of her nearby friends – even her humble minions! Send her away as soon as possible, before it’s too late!!

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    Using Blizzard’s client/software to create Sc2 campaigns single player missioncampaign design/ nobody had mentioned why any other games/ I was debating whether to use an old account or a new one; I couldn’t remember what the previous account was called, but it didn’t really matter. Dynamic gameplay was one of the things that set Heroes apart from every other game and every other moba game: Random occurrences throughout the game that affect…

  • Infinite vengeance spawners and desired killers retribution need boundaries.

    The ability to choose the vengeance option as many times as you like will severely degrade the pvp experience. Individuals were relentlessly pursued and tracked by the people they murdered, who just pressed the retribution button every time they died (even if they were the ones who started the slapping/pvp). If you win, what’s the purpose of pvp?

  • The business heroes, Blizzard

    So far, if any HGC community-supported alternative succeeds, Blizzard’s business and sales teams have done an outstanding job. If they obtain a new league financed by the fans in return for withdrawing their investment in the Heroes competitive scene and downsizing the game development staff, and the community support for “saveHotS” is bigger than ever,…

For the game Overwatch, post “Workshop Heroes – Junkenstein’s Revenge.”

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The “junkenstein’s revenge characters” is a game that was released in the year 2015. It is available for free on iOS and Android. The game has been reviewed by many people, with an average rating of 4 stars out of 5.

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