What class should you pick in Disciples: Liberation?

Disciples is a game of strategy, combat, and resource management. It’s the perfect mix of RPG and RTS gameplay. With its unique setting being based on Christian mythology, Disciples has become a favorite among Christians looking for an engaging game that doesn’t require swearing or violence.

The disciples: liberation wiki is a website that has information on the game. It has all of the classes, their strengths and weaknesses, and how to make them in-game.

When you finish the second beginning area and reach the third region in Disciples: Liberation, you’ll be able to choose from four different classes to employ for the remainder of the game. These classes define your main character’s distinctive talents as well as the passive skills they’ll be able to utilize in your skill tree. So, in Disciples: Liberation, which class should you choose? It all boils down to personal taste and playstyle.

In Disciples: Liberation, you may choose from four different classes.

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The Warlord class is a strong melee option for individuals who like to use their martial skills on the front lines. As they fight side by side against the enemy, your character will be rushing into combat, boosting friends around them. A sword will be used by your character. Per level, you will get two strength points, three constitution points, one dexterity point, one intellect point, and two mana points. These are special powers that only the Warlord has.

  • Piercing Strike: Deal Physical damage to an opponent by striking them with accuracy and force. Piercing Strike inflicts Curse on a target while ignoring 50% of physical resistance.
  • Purification: Purifies the space around you, causing foes to take Divine damage. Enemies will be taunted, while friends will be inspired.
  • Divine Strength (Passive): Allies within two tiles of you get Physical Protection and Physical Might.


The Hexblade will combine their martial talents with magical powers, using cloak and dagger techniques to strike opponents in the darkness. While they will be wielding a sword, they will spend more time delivering severe damage, but they do not want to be the enemy’s main target. To defend your Hexblade, make sure you have a bulkier ally. Every time you level up, you get two strength points, one constitution point, two dexterity points, two intellect points, and two mana points.

  • Venom Sword: Slashes the opponent with a poison-coated blade, causing Physical damage and inflicting Poison.
  • Burning Verdict: Deals Divine damage to the target by burning it with divine truth. The target is rendered paralyzed and burnt.
  • Dexterous (Passive): Allies within two tiles of you get Improved Critical and Evasive.


In battle, the Seeress will use ranged magical strikes to inflict Divine damage on her opponents. Several of your skills will also allow you to heal friends, giving them additional opportunities to regain health points throughout a fight. This lesson also requires the use of a staff. At each level, you’ll earn one strength point, two constitution points, one dexterity point, two intellect points, and three mana points.

  • Polar Ray: Fires a ray of ice that bounces around between opponents, inflicting Primal damage. Chilled is inflicted on the targets.
  • Radiance: Emits pure holy energy around you, inflicting Divine damage on foes while also healing friends.
  • Holy Resilience (Passive): Allies two tiles distant from you get Regen.


The Witch is the last class. You’ll become a ranged combatant who relies on your spells, similar to the Seeress. However, rather of healing your friends, you’ll be concentrating on inflicting status conditions and severe damage on your opponents. The Witch wields a staff as well. At each level, they acquire one strength, one constitution, two dexterity, two intellect, and three mana points.

  • Anguish: Inflicts Dark Searing Magic on the target, causing Unholy Damage and inflicting Bleeding and Afraid.
  • Heaven’s Light: Showers heavenly light down on foes in the specified area, inflicting Divine Damage and weakening them.
  • Hearten Allies, giving Divine Might and Unholy Might to them within two tiles of you, with Inspiring Power (Passive).

What class should you pick in Disciples: Liberation? is a question that many players ask. The answer to this question depends on the player’s preference and what they want to do in the game. Reference: disciples: liberation romance.

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